Crewneck Knit Cordage Men’s Special! Stylish fall/winter outfits & recommended items!


Crewneck Knit Cordage Men's Special! Stylish fall/winter outfits & recommended items!

Crewneck knits, with their different looks depending on the yarn thickness and knitting method, are a staple for men’s wear, whether used as a stand-alone top or as a supporting inner layer. The basic type with no frills supports a beautiful impression, while the damaged or embroidered type is useful for adding a twist to your styling. In this issue, we focus on “crew-neck knits” and introduce the most notable outfits and recommended items!

Play with oversized crew-neck knits and color patterns to accelerate street style in your coordinate

The oversized crew-neck knit with damaged finish creates a loose, grunge-like mood, and the sarouel pants with playful graffiti prints and Nike x Atmos Air Max 95 Deluxe Animal Pack accelerate the streetwise feel of the coordinate. Mr. Gabriele Pasini. This sporty, streetwise look is unusual for a man who specializes in mixing and matching highly dressed-up styles. The necklace peeking out from the crewneck and the off-white industrial belt are a gimmick that is different from the usual ragstones and ragspots.

Maison Margiela Crew Neck Knit

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Layer a white crew-neck knit and a white shirt for a clean look in a casual winter outfit.

The white crewneck and white shirt overlay give a beautiful impression to the casual coordinate. It can be worn as a simple top or as an inner layer for autumn/winter outerwear such as coats and down jackets to support the clean image of the styling. For an elegant look that accentuates the beautiful impression, we recommend wearing it with a beige wool coat, as shown in this snapshot.

John Smedley Crew Neck Knit

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