Four ways to wear the Vans “Authentic”


Four ways to wear the Vans "Authentic"

In this issue, we introduce coordination ideas centered on the Vans Authentic, based on examples picked up from overseas street snaps!

Vans’ oldest model and absolute signature sneaker, ” Authentic

On the first day of the store’s opening in 1966, the “#44” sneaker was displayed in the store, and customers could order a pair in their desired size and color based on the #44. Customers who visited the store could choose their desired size and color based on the #44 sneaker. The base model of this custom order, the “#44,” was later named the “AUTHENTIC. The design is simple and has been adopted in a variety of styles regardless of genres.

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What is the difference from the similar model ” ERA “?

Almost identical in design to the Authentic, the ” Era ” is another popular Vans model. It is an improved version of the Authentic, developed with input from key members of the Z-Boys, a skate team from the Zephyr surf store in Venice Beach, California. The differences from the Authentic are the padding in the footwear opening for better comfort, and the slightly different stitching design on the heel and sides. Not only can they handle the intense tricks of skateboarding, but they can also benefit from just walking around town.

Editor Izumi
The Ella has a good feel around the foot, but by no means is the Authentic uncomfortable, so one way to think of it is to look at the overall silhouette of the sneaker and choose the one you like best. The Authentic has a clean silhouette, while the Era has a chunky, slightly voluminous silhouette. Having worn both, I personally prefer the Authentic’s design, which has a classic feel to it!

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Incidentally, in the movie ” Lords of Dogtown ” based on the true story of the aforementioned ” Z-Boys “, the characters are famous for wearing Vans authentic. The film is a milestone in skate movies, faithfully reproducing the fashion style, including the Vans sneakers that the characters themselves loved.

Editor Izumi
I used to dabble in skateboarding a bit myself when I was younger, and this movie is still one of my favorites that I saw back then. It makes me want to put on my Vans sneakers and go out.

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