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What are the differences between the 5 most popular Adidas “Samba” and “other” models?


What are the differences between the 5 most popular Adidas "Samba" and "other" models?

The adidas Samba boasts unprecedented popularity. The samba has been gaining attention over the past couple of years, and even now, it is repeatedly restocked and sold out immediately. When I checked adidas stores that carry the Samba, I was intrigued by the popularity of the Samba and found that there were variations of other Samba-like models such as the “GAZELLE” and “HANDBALL SPEZIAL”. There are variations of other samba-like models such as the “GAZELLE” and the “HANDBALL SPEZIAL” and some of you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between that and the samba?” What is the difference between the samba and the samba? In this issue, we will focus on the popular Samba and other models that are attracting attention, and introduce the charms of each.

SAMBA” will lead the footwear trend in 2023.

The “Samba,” said to be the oldest Adidas model, is gaining popularity worldwide as an “it” item, perhaps due to the vintage trend and the reevaluation of classic masterpieces over the past few years. The Samba is a shoe developed in the 1950s for indoor soccer training. The three stripes that symbolize the brand, the T-shaped toe that reinforces the toe, and the rubber outsole with sucker-like depressions for improved grip are the distinctive features of this pair. The model name is said to be derived from “samba,” the music of Brazil, the host country of the 1950 World Cup.

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The samba is currently available in a wide range of variations. There are a wide variety of models with slightly different specifications and forms, such as “OG,” “CLASSIC,” “LUX,” and “DECON,” as well as models made in collaboration with brands, in addition to materials and colors. If you are interested in samba, but are a little hesitant to buy a samba at this point, you may want to check out some of these slightly different models.

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Samba is also a great place to delve deeper into various aspects and design considerations, such as the differences in detailing by age. For example, the Samba currently being developed is said to be finished based on a design that was renewed in the 1970s, but during the course of our interviews, some said, “I feel the current model is closest in shape to the Samba that was reissued in the 1990s, when the Dassler family ended its management.” As mentioned above, among sneakerheads, it is not uncommon for Samba lovers to discuss their favorite decade and coloring with other Samba lovers.

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A comparison of five popular models of Adidas terrace shoes other than SAMBA!

Over its long history, Adidas has developed all kinds of derivatives of the classic Samba, including the Gazelle and the Handball Spezial. The simple design of these sneakers with a T-shaped reinforced toe is known as “terrace shoes. Here we will introduce five models of terrace shoes that are currently being developed and gaining popularity. For those who want to get rid of SAMBA, or those who want to know the difference between SAMBA and other sneakers, please check them out.

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I will introduce the appeal and features of each model, including my impressions after actually seeing and comparing the actual shoes in stores. By the way, I did not feel any big difference in size between any of the models. If you already own Adidas terrace shoes, I think you can wear the other models with almost no problem if you buy them in the same size.

” GAZELLE ” This is the most popular sneaker along with the Samba

The Gazelle was an updated version of the ” Olympiade ” model released in the early 1960s. It is known to have been released in two versions when it was first released. One was a red version featuring a transparent herringbone sole designed for indoor sports. The other was a blue version with a microcell rubber outsole developed as a training shoe. Both feature an upper made of high-quality suede, a point that distinguishes them from the Samba.

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The Gazelle is a model that is also known as the Gutzlei, which is the German reading of the name. Personally, I think the Gazelle is the simplest model with the fewest quirks of all the terrace shoes that Adidas offers. If I were to use an analogy, I would say that it is like an honor student who always gets an above average score in all subject tests. The upper is 80% suede, which gives a sense of unity, and the minimal number of parts give it a clean and refined look, making it suitable for all kinds of casual outfits. The outsole also has a simple look, making it one of the most complete sneakers in the 360° range.

TOBACCO” A model that exudes an austere charm for fashion connoisseurs

The “TOBACCO” model was born in 1972 as a leisure shoe. At the time of its release, “suede material” had the image of “casual,” and it is said that the model was designed with the hope that people would wear adidas shoes with casual outfits. The most distinctive features are the long-fur suede and the gum sole. The toe and heel cups are small, and only one reinforcing stitch on the side of the sneaker, which is the waist, is applied along the opening of the footwear. The austere brown coloring goes well not only with casual outfits, but also with old, rugged outfits such as American casual and military outfits.

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In the 1970s, Adidas offered a wide variety of leisure shoes. One of the most popular was the Island series, a leisure shoe that used an island as its model name. There are many theories, but it is rumored that the cigarette may have been named after “Tobacco Island” instead of that “tobacco.” Other current Terrace Series models with regional names include ” BERMUDA,” ” STATE SERIES,” and ” MUNCHEN,” so if you are interested in these models, please check them out as well.

JEANS” Not too simple, not too flashy, just the right balance for casual wear.

Jeans” were developed in the leisure shoe genre in the mid-1970s, close to the appearance of the cigarettes introduced above. The silhouette is slim and stylish. While the design is simple, the gold branding across the stitching and the shape of the sole, which is reminiscent of retro running shoes, are gimmicks with a bit of a twist that add a sense of fun. It is a well-balanced pair that goes well with casual, unpretentious outfits.

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The reinforcing parts of the shoe lace holes and the three stripes with zigzagging pinking of the cut are points common to many leisure shoes of the 1970s. In this genre of leisure shoes, jeans are as close as possible to sambas in the shape of the upper parts and the use of materials. I personally think that this unlikely mix of finishes is one of the reasons why they are favored by connoisseurs and adults.

HANDBALL SPEZIAL ” A Rare Existence Produced Exclusively for Handball

The ” HANDBALL SPEZIAL ” was introduced in 1979 as an indoor shoe exclusively for handball. While following the characteristic details of terrace shoes such as suede upper, T-shaped reinforced parts at the toe, and gum sole, a large heel cup part was adopted to create a different look. The current lineup includes models in smooth-textured leather, authentic OG colors, women’s colors, and a wide range of other variations.

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I was a member of the handball team in junior high and high school, and I remember that there were really not many options for handball-specific shoes. Handball is often said to be a sport that is a mix of soccer and basketball, and the movements are very intense, but the appeal of these shoes is that they are equipped with specs that can withstand the rigors of the game. I felt that the shoes were the most comfortable for my feet among the Terrace shoes introduced here.

” BW ARMY ” Inspired by German indoor training shoes

Lastly, I would like to introduce the “BW ARMY” model, which was designed and inspired by the training shoes that were actually used by the German military from the 1970s to the 1990s. The “BW ARMY” is a modern training sneaker from a major German manufacturer that was founded in Germany and actually supplied training shoes to the German army. The model lacks the three stripes that symbolize Adidas, and uses an outsole made by BW. These are the only Terrace shoes with military elements among the models introduced in this article.

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The 2023AW colorway of this model has been particularly well received, and the footwear white/footwear white/gum color in the image above is chic and perfect for the adult male foot. Another appeal of this model is that the replacement laces are thin laces, allowing you to enjoy a different and sharper look. Compared to other models, the sole feels a little firmer, so you may have different preferences for comfort.

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