Pick up a pair of men’s steel-plated khaki cargo pants!


Pick up a pair of men's steel-plated khaki cargo pants!

In this issue, we will focus on khaki and olive green, the most popular colors among cargo pants, and introduce popular brands, points for selecting items that look stylish, and men’s coordinates that will serve as a reference for smart dressing! *Olive green, not the original earthy color generally recognized in Japan, is sent out as khaki.

[ Related article ] Special feature on khaki coordination! Introducing compatible colors and examples of men’s outfits based on their relationship with olive green.

関連記事 Khaki Cordage Special! Compatible colors and examples of men's outfits based on their relationship with olive green.
カーキ コーデ特集!オリーブグリーンとの関係性を踏まえて相性の良い色やメンズの着こなし事例を紹介
Reminiscent of military wear, "khaki" gives a masculine and rugged impression. In this issue, we will introduce episode...

Men’s classic! Khaki cargo pants for a tough, masculine look!

Cargo pants were created in England in 1938 and were worn as part of the combat uniform (BDU) of military personnel. In particular, khaki (olive drab), which blends in with nature, and camouflage patterns, which are highly misleading and confuse the color sense, are used as a standard. For this reason, khaki cargo pants have a strong image of military wear and workwear, and when incorporated into a coordinated look, they tend to give a masculine and rugged impression.

The original cargo pants had cargo pockets on the sides of both thighs, and the silhouette was loose for ease of movement; they became popular among hip-hop artists in the 1990s and took root on the streets, and Ralph Lauren introduced clean white cargo pants in his 1998-99 fall/winter runway show. The white cargo pants gained status as a fashion item when Ralph Lauren introduced clean white cargo pants on the runway for the fall/winter 1998-99 show.

Three brands famous for khaki cargo pants

1) Dickies

Dickies” is an American workwear brand famous for its iconic 874 work pants, but its standard cargo pants, which combine ease of movement with professional style, are also very popular. 7.25 ounce polyester-cotton TC twill fabric is stretchable, and the expandable cargo pockets can hold all kinds of items.

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(2) Carhartt

Workwear brand “Carhartt (Carhartt)” that gained popularity in the 90’s is also rekindling its popularity these days, and “Carhartt Work in Progress” (WIP), which is highly fashionable and has many collaborations with other brands, is the focus of attention. Cargo pants of the “Carhartt Work in Progress” (WIP) line are the focus of attention. With a wide silhouette that is modern and clean without any wildness, the fit that looks beautiful is good for dressing like now.

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If you are looking for trendy cargo pants with a sense of trend, arranged in sizing and design, at a reasonable price, the long-established military brand “HOUSTON” is definitely the place to look. These genuine cargo pants with good cost performance are available as a standard item.

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What kind of design should I choose if I want to make my khaki cargo pants look urban?

Khaki-colored cargo pants have a strong military flavor, so the closer you get to an authentic design, such as a surplus item, the more difficult it becomes to wear them in an urban way. If you want to create a stylish urban look, aim for smart-looking cargo pants. Models with a gentle tapered line toward the legs and cargo pants that can be worn neatly with no cushioning can create a mature and rugged atmosphere just by adding them to your wardrobe. Choosing a sophisticated design by cutting down on authentic details is also a good choice!

Seven examples of coordination using khaki cargo pants

Coordinate 1: “A casual coordinate in earthy colors with slim-tapered khaki cargo pants and Carhartt’s camel Madera jacket.”

The washed slim tapered khaki cargo pants are chosen and combined with Carhartt’s Camel Madera jacket and navy boa fleece jacket for layering. The clean, unflattering layering and lean silhouette of the cargo pants dispels any sense of wildness, while the black knit hat and strict black derby shoes give a tightened look.

BERNA Khaki Cargo Pants

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Coordinate #2 “Khaki cargo pants and brown suede laced boots add a martial touch to a tied-up style.”

Khaki-colored cargo pants are incorporated into a jacket style. The styling is fresh, with each item incorporating a different color to create a colorful coordinate. The boot-twins give the legs a sleek silhouette.

PT Torino Khaki Cargo Pants

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Coordinate 3: “Wide-leg khaki cargo pants paired with olive green-accented low-cut sneakers for a unified winter look.”

Wide-leg khaki cargo pants paired with low-cut sneakers with olive green accents. The bottoms and sneakers create a sense of unity, creating a look with a hint of heightened masculinity. These authentic wide-leg khaki cargo pants look great paired with these urban sneakers and blend in well with the city.

Coordinate 4: “Wide-leg khaki cargo pants with ankle-length legs give a bold look to the men’s coordinate.

This men’s coordinate combines a modern button-front double-breasted black short down jacket with a mustard yellow turtleneck knit and wide-leg khaki cargo pants. Oiled leather brown boots are set on the feet and combined with the cargo pants to create a big-boned look, while the mustard yellow turtleneck used as innerwear refreshes the impression around the face. The choice of a short down jacket that can show off the pockets of the cargo pants is a good choice.

BEAMS Khaki Cargo Pants

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Coordinate 5: “Earthy colors of a brown velour jacket and khaki cargo pants in a jackets style “

This jacket style combines a brown velour jacket with a modest sheen, a wooden beige turtleneck sweater, and straight-leg khaki cargo pants. The native-patterned brown scarf and the New Balance coloring set on the feet are in sync to add a touch of color, while the warm, earthy tones of the outfit. The patterned scarf and multi-colored sneakers accentuate the look, avoiding a plain appearance and eliminating the impression of being drab.

Coordinate ⑥ “Refresh the impression of the coordinate by choosing slim tapered khaki cargo pants, which are different from work pants.

This gentleman chose slim tapered khaki cargo pants to refresh the look of his coordinate. While drawing on the military nuance of the oversized coat, the khaki cargo pants, which are suited to a clean look, complete the look without being overdone, keeping the martial spirit in check to a good degree. The length of the khaki cargo pants emphasizes a casual look on the feet, and the black suede tassel loafers worn barefoot are a nice touch.

BRIGLIA 1949 khaki cargo pants

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Coordinate 7: “High-waisted and wide-leg khaki cargo pants paired with a beige camouflage-patterned military shirt for a casual look.”

Layered camouflage fatigues shirt and pale blue aloha shirt, combined with high-waisted, wide-leg khaki cargo pants and ivory Converse All Stars. A pale yellow baseball cap adds a sporty touch, while a hand-carried green mini Boston emphasizes the military nuance. The styling is a fresh mix of military and sporty resort.

NORTH SAILS Khaki Cargo Pants

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