How to incorporate patterned pants into a good coordinate? We also introduce examples of outfits and recommended products.


How to incorporate patterned pants into a good coordinate? We also introduce examples of outfits and recommended products.

Aggressive coordination with patterned pants that have a strong presence will differentiate you from your peers and leave a strong impression on your partner. On the other hand, however, one misstep and you tend to look “a bit naughty” or “a bit conspicuous,” so you need to think about balance and other points to keep in mind for a successful coordinate. There are a few points to keep in mind. In this issue, we will introduce tips for successfully incorporating patterned pants with examples of how to wear them.

Patterned pants are an easy way to get out of a rut!

We tend to choose plain pants because they are easy to use, but if you want to create a different atmosphere or differentiate yourself from others, patterned pants are the way to go. Just by changing the bottoms of your usual coordination to patterned pants, you can create a completely different look, and you will surely increase your presence. It is more difficult than using a pattern on the top, but it makes your individuality stand out more, so please try adding patterned pants to your wardrobe.

What are the tips for incorporating patterned pants into a coordinate?

Patterned pants can be glamorous at once and create a sophisticated mood, but they tend to be difficult to incorporate into one’s wardrobe. This section introduces tips on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Tips for patterned pants coordination (1) “Use solid colors for items other than patterned pants and adjust the balance.

Matching patterned items with patterned pants is not a bad idea, but it requires a certain amount of technique to make it fashionable, so it is suitable for advanced users. For men who are just starting out or are not used to wearing patterned pants, the shortcut to patterned pants is to put together items other than patterned pants in solid colors to achieve a good balance. By doing so, the presence of the patterned pants will stand out, and they will function as an accent to your coordination and a hook for your outfits.

Tips for coordinating patterned pants (2) “Pick up the coloring of the patterned pants to create a sense of unity in the coordinate.

To make patterned pants fit in well with a coordinated outfit, it is effective to pick up the colors of the patterned pants and distribute them to other coordinated items to create a sense of unity. Moreover, the more colors used in the patterned pants, the more choices there are, and the more diverse the styling. As with the man in the photo here, you can easily create a cohesive look by picking up the white and navy used in the striped pattern and choosing a top. Of course, picking up colors is up to your preference, but one way to complete an unexpected look while enhancing the cohesiveness of the coordinate is to pick up colors that share little.

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