What are the tips for coordinating checkered pants in an immaculate manner?


What are the tips for coordinating checkered pants in an immaculate manner?

Checked pants can add a touch of glamour, and are the perfect item to wipe out the lack of a coordinated look at once. At the same time, however, checked pants can give the impression of being “old-fashioned” due to the fact that the checked pattern is a classical pattern. This time, we will introduce tips on how to dress with checked pants in a more modern way!

Tips for an “in style” look (1) “A slightly loose silhouette is what I’m in the mood for! It’s also important to adjust the length so that it doesn’t look too drab.”

The silhouette of pants is always an element that reflects trends. The silhouette we are aiming for today is a calculated “slightly loose” silhouette, like a wide-leg tapered silhouette. A slightly loose silhouette will give you a relaxed feel, which is an indispensable keyword in today’s fashion, and will give you a natural, fashionable look. However, full-length pants with thick checks may make you look dowdy, so it is best to adjust the length to an ankle or cropped length.

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How to look fashionable (2) “Tucking in for a smart look is the standard for the modern era!

The tucked-in style is at the height of its popularity because it is an easy way to put on a familiar mood. The overall silhouette is also attractive because it is clean and neat. Checked pants often lower the center of gravity and make the wearer look unbalanced, so we want to add a trendy touch while achieving a good balance by tucking them in. Tucking in can also play a role in dispelling the nadir atmosphere of the thick silhouette checkered pants mentioned in (1) above.

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Tips for looking fashionable (3) “Go for the large-pattern checked pants that all brands are offering!

With the popularity of clothes with silhouettes that do not pick up the lines of the body, all brands are offering large patterned garments. A look at the market reveals a great variety of patterns such as stripes, borders, and botanicals, and patterns that are sized to match the large silhouettes are eye-catching. And checkered pants are no exception. This season, large-pattern checkered pants are appearing from a variety of brands, from dress pants brands such as PT Torino to luxury brands such as PALM ANGELS and maison brands such as BURBERRY. If you are considering purchasing checked pants, why not choose the large-pattern type?

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