Learn how to wear navy blue jackets from international fashionistas. 6 stylish men’s coordination samples


Learn how to wear navy blue jackets from international fashionistas. 6 stylish men's coordination samples

The navy blue jacket creates a dignified and masculine atmosphere. This time, we focus on the “navy blue jacket” and introduce its charm, tips on how to wear it, men’s coordination by fashionable people from overseas to refer to, and recommended items all at once!

The History and Appeal of Navy Blue Jackets

Unlike suit jackets, navy blue jackets are tailored as a stand-alone item and can be paired with major bottoms such as gray slacks, beige chinos, and blue jeans. In Japan, a clear distinction is made between a navy blue tailored jacket and a navy blazer with metal buttons, but overseas, a separate type of tailored jacket is generally called a blazer, while a navy blue tailored jacket is called a navy blazer with or without metal buttons. Therefore, many of the points mentioned as the appeal of so-called “navy blue jackets” can be attributed not only to the image of the color navy but also to the image of the navy blazer.

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The navy blazer is based on a reefer jacket with brass buttons in relief of the anchor and crown, the symbol of the Royal Navy, which was worn by the captain of the Ant-class gunboat “HMS Blazer It is said that the captain of the Ant-class gunboat “HMS Blazer” invented this jacket as a uniform for his crew when they were visited by Queen Victoria shortly after she ascended to the throne in 1837. As can be seen from this, the name “blazer” was derived from the battleship “HMS Blazer” of the Royal Navy. In the 1920s, navy blazers began to be worn at increasingly popular marine sporting events, and members of a particularly wealthy yacht club produced navy blazers with the club’s emblem on the breast pocket. Later, from England, the navy blazer was taken to Europe and the United States, where many schools adopted the navy blazer as their uniform, establishing its status as an indispensable staple of traditional and preppy style. Because of these historical circumstances, navy blue tailored jackets, with or without metal buttons, were generally recognized as “clean and dignified,” “fearless, youthful and dignified,” “sharp and masculine,” and the image of the uniform, as well as the “intelligent,” “elegant,” and “noble” image that navy has, and The image of navy as “intelligent,” “elegant,” and “noble” has taken root and become widely recognized as an attractive feature of the uniform.

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