Navy Jacket What is the trick of matching black pants to stoically tighten the coordinate?


Navy Jacket What is the trick of matching black pants to stoically tighten the coordinate?

The navy jacket is a major staple of tailored jackets. There are many ways to wear it, such as with gray pants as the royal bottom, or with navy blue blazers and beige chinos, but this time we focus on the most stoic look with black pants!

If you want to pull off a cool, stoic look with your navy jacket, set on a pair of black pants! How many colors are safe to wear with a cord?

Black is recognized as a formal color in classic style. However, in the past few years, black has been increasingly used in casual and business attire as well. Therefore, black pants are now an option for navy jacket styles, which until now have been worn with gray slacks. The sharp look of black with this color combination elevates the navy jacket coordinate to a more classy and modern look.

The key to matching a navy jacket with black pants is to limit the number of colors used in the coordination to three, and to keep a stoic look with navy and black as the main colors. For example, if you use a white shirt as an innerwear, use black shoes and a belt. If you try to use flashy colors and patterns, the cool image of navy and black may be lost, so the shortcut to success is to keep it as simple as possible.

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