Recommendations for innerwear that goes well with set-up suits, by season!


Recommendations for innerwear that goes well with set-up suits, by season!

Set-up suits are useful for both business and casual wear, and can be coordinated in a variety of ways by simply changing the innerwear depending on the occasion or your mood. In this issue, we pick up standard inner wear that goes well with set-up suits by season!

Recommended innerwear for wearing set-up suits all year round

Recommended innerwear for wearing with set-up suits “”Shirt is the iron plate! It has the best compatibility.”

When it comes to set-up suits, there is no other standard innerwear that can be used all year round than shirts. Since most set-up suits are designed more casually than regular suits, the coordinated look is a bit more casual, but they still go very well with tailored jackets. It is an especially popular innerwear for business occasions, and looks great with a tie or a tie-up. When wearing a shirt without a tie, it is recommended to choose a shirt with a collar that gives a three-dimensional effect to the V-zone without having to raise your attitude. Cutaway (horizontal collar) shirts and button-down shirts are at the top of the list.

White shirts are the safest color, but if you are off-duty, you can also play around with casual shirts such as denim or chambray.

Recommended white shirt for innerwear for set-up ” BARBA Semi-Wide Collar Shirt

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Recommended denim shirt for innerwear of the set-up “Finamore Denim Shirt

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