Is layering a hoodie and a shirt a good idea? Or not? We introduce tips on how to wear it based on examples of men’s coordination from overseas!


Is layering a hoodie and a shirt a good idea? Or not? We introduce tips on how to wear it based on examples of men's coordination from overseas!

Hoodies and shirts are used as innerwear in the fall and winter, and as light outerwear in the spring. Generally, these two are used separately, but in conclusion, they are not incompatible and can be layered together. In this issue, we will introduce tips for layering a hoodie and a shirt, along with examples of actual coordination!

Hoodie and shirt layering techniques that create a sophisticated look for men’s spring coordinates!

In spring, it is not uncommon to go outside wearing a hoodie and a shirt over a T-shirt. The former is a typical top that works well with rough outfits, while the latter is a top that works well with more elegant outfits. The best part of mixing and matching is that you can enjoy wearing items that normally play the leading roles in outfits with different tastes. Of course, there are days when this layering style works well and days when it doesn’t, depending on the temperature, but basically, each item is often used on its own, so combining the two gives you a stylish and sophisticated look that is different from the norm. Both are orthodox items, and many people probably have more than one of each, so the fact that you can immediately try them on with items you already have is another point that makes this outfit a good choice.

Which is the right way to layer a hoodie and a shirt, which one on top?

There is nothing wrong with either shirt-on-hoodie or hoodie-on-shirt coordination, but the impression of the outfit will change depending on which item is chosen as the top item. First of all, the star of the show is the outermost item, and the main impression of the coordination is pulled to it. In other words, if you use a parka as outerwear, you will get a rough image, and if you use a shirt as outerwear, you will get an elegant image. Since the other item is added to it, if you wear a shirt under a hoodie, a classy impression is added to a rough coordinate, and if you wear a hoodie under a shirt, a classy coordinate is downgraded to a casual one. The sizing of the items you have may determine which one goes on top, but basically, choose the combination based on the difference in impression described above.

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