What is the best outerwear to wear over a shirt? 7 men’s layering styles in real-world examples


What is the best outerwear to wear over a shirt? 7 men's layering styles in real-world examples

Spring is the season when you can enjoy wearing lightweight clothes over shirts as you are free from heavy outerwear. In this issue, we focus on layered coordinates with light outerwear worn over shirts!

There are a surprisingly wide variety of options for outerwear candidates to wear over shirts! What do the fashionable people of the world layer on top of their shirts?

Spring is a fun season for layering light outerwear over top. Many people are probably creating their own styles by combining items they have on hand, such as wearing an MA-1 over a parka or a spring coat over sweatshirts. In that case, how do you coordinate with shirts? You can match a tailored jacket with a royal, beautiful style or a denim jacket with a tied-up shirt to create a sophisticated style. In this issue, we will pick up some examples of how to wear shirts with different outerwear from overseas to help you increase the variation of layered shirt styles.


Outerwear to be worn over a shirt (1) “Tailored jacket

Tailored jackets are the standard outerwear for shirts. The jacket style with a tailored jacket on top of a shirt is the most popular of all men’s shirt styles. A clean look with a white shirt and a navy jacket is also good, or you can express a sophisticated jacket style by adding a denim shirt as shown in the snapshot here.

Outerwear to be worn over a shirt (2) “Cardigans

Another classic combination for layered shirt style is the shirt and knit cardigan. Like the tailored jacket, it is a beautiful and elegant coordinate, and many men use it as a spring office casual look. For a calm and elegant style, use a simple solid color combination as shown in this snapshot. For a unique style with patterns, choose an ethnic patterned knit cardigan or add a patterned shirt.

Here is an example of styling in which a checkered shirt with a crazy pattern is chosen as an inner layer. You can see that the look is completely different from the coordination above.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS WOOSTER CARDIGAN “, a cardigan recommended for layering with a shirt

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Outerwear to be worn over a shirt (3) “Chester coat

Spring coats are also an option for outerwear unique to spring. The lightweight Chester coat is the first of these, and it goes well with the clean look of the shirt. This coordination is a winter style using winter items, but it is a reference for the layering technique of shirt and chester coat. When matching a shirt with a coat that covers a large area of the item itself, choosing a shirt with a strong statement like this will accentuate the presence of the shirt in the outfit without overpowering the small amount of exposed area.

Chester coat “GENTLEMAN PROJECTS URBAN SHANKS” recommended for layering with shirts.

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