Monotone Codes for Men! Chic white, black, and gray outfits & recommended items!


Monotone Codes for Men! Chic white, black, and gray outfits & recommended items!

The “monotone coordinate” is a stylish and chic outfit that combines items in achromatic colors of white, black, and gray. In this issue, we focus on the ” Monotone Cordé ” and introduce some of the hottest outfits and recommended items!

The choice of items with a connection further enhances the sense of unity of the monotone coordinate!

A white T-shirt and black pants is the standard summer monotone coordinate. Of course, it is fine to use extremely simple items, but choosing a design that subtly incorporates the colors of other items, such as the T-shirt with details in the same color as the pants on the chest pocket used in this styling, will enhance the completeness of the outfit. To finish off the outfit, choose a pair of sneakers in a combination of black and white to add a more sophisticated touch to the originally unified monotone coordinate.


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Patterned outfits can also look chic when united in a monotone color scheme!

One of the charms of a monotone colorless coordination is that it allows for a chic look even when patterned items are used. Even pants with a strong all-over pattern can be worn in a well-balanced way without being conspicuous if the entire outfit is united in monotone.

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