Black Shirt Codes Men’s Special! Chic outfits and recommendations!


Black Shirt Codes Men's Special! Chic outfits and recommendations!

The black shirt, which exudes a cool and stoic mood, is an easy-to-use item that can play a supporting role as well as a leading role. It can be worn with a suit or jacket, or as the stylish face of a simple coordinate. In this issue, we focus on the black shirt, and introduce some of the most popular outfits and recommended items!

Oversized black shirt expresses a black cord with presence

If you want to create a street-style look with a black shirt, we recommend an oversized or big silhouette type. It can be worn both tucked out and tucked in in a stylish manner, and can be worn both neatly and loosely. Of course, you can create a variety of looks by balancing the silhouette and length of the bottoms, so you can surely enjoy a variety of summer coordinates, which you tend to cut corners on due to the heat.

SULVAM black shirt

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Mr. Pino Lelario shows off a sexy black striped double suit with a black shirt inside.

Mr. Pino Lelario led by Mr. Tagliatore showed a stylish black striped double suit with the front buttons of the black shirt worn inside boldly opened, giving it a sexy look. The wide peaked lapel jacket accentuated his masculinity and amplified the combination with the deeply opened black shirt. The slender ankle-length slacks and barefooted double-monk shoes also add to the relaxed look.

Finamore black shirt

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A unique monotone coordinate with a black shirt that stands out for its design as the main feature

The oversized short-sleeved black shirt with large lace-up detailing and unique collar shape is an eye-catching feature of this monotone coordinate. This coordinate, completed by incorporating various essences, is a combination of assertive tops, bottoms, and shoes, but it is successfully incorporated into a unique style without causing any halation. The matching belt on the trousers that corresponds to the drawstring of the black shirt hanging down in front is also an excellent touch.


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