Perfume smells different depending on how you put it on! Video shows effective methods for different purposes.


Perfume smells different depending on how you put it on! Video shows effective methods for different purposes.

Regardless of gender, people with a good fragrance are attractive. Perfume is a convenient way to wear such a “good scent.” However, the impression of perfume, which we usually use without thinking about it, can change drastically depending on where and how it is applied. In this issue, we will introduce “how to apply perfume effectively” with video explanations!

Types of perfumes exist

Perfumes vary widely in terms of efficacy depending on the type. There are four broad types, with varying fragrance density and duration, so it is important to remember how to use perfume appropriately for different occasions.

Parfum Fragrance concentration: 15% to 30% Duration: 5 to 12 hours
Eau de Parfum Fragrance concentration: 10%-15% Duration: 5 hours
Eau de Toilette Fragrance Concentration:5%~10% Duration:3 hours
Eau de Cologne Fragrance concentration: 1% to 5% Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Choose where and how long to apply perfume depending on the occasion.

In situations such as a meal or in an office where the seats are close to each other, it is better to apply it below the waistline. By wearing it below the waistline, the fragrance of the perfume can be subtly wafted without being too assertive. On the other hand, at a party or other glamorous occasion, it is also a good idea to put it around the neck, where the fragrance is more prominent. Perfumes have a characteristic of changing fragrance over time, and are composed of three stages: top notes (~10 minutes), middle notes (~2 hours after the top notes), and last notes (~12 hours after the middle notes). The top note is characterized by a stronger fragrance, and the middle note is the part that can be called the original fragrance of the perfume. The last note is the part of the fragrance that is mixed with body odor, so even the same perfume can have a different smell depending on the person who uses it.

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Perfume is sensitive to perspiration and sebum “The rule of thumb is to put it on clean skin.”

Perfume is very delicate and reacts to sweat and sebum. The best time to put it on is after bathing or showering, right after the sweating has stopped. If this is not possible, it is important to wipe off the sweat from the area to be perfumed before applying the perfume. If it is applied to a sweaty neck, it may mix with body odor, sweat, and sebum and emit a bad odor. In particular, the underarms tend to perspire very easily, so care should be taken not to apply it to these areas.

Perfume should not only be applied to the wrists and neck.

The standard places to apply perfume are ” wrists” and “neck,” which are basically “areas with large blood vessels and high body temperature. Although this is one of the correct examples, it can be applied to other parts of the body depending on the TPO and physical constitution, which will expand the range of use. It is also important to note that the scent of the same perfume differs greatly depending on where it is applied.

Wrist ” most frequently moved and easily scented

This is a standard area where fragrance tends to spread because of the frequency of movement and the dense veins on the surface. The heat from friction can alter the fragrance of perfume, so it is important to blend the perfume by tapping it lightly without rubbing it, and then allow it to dry naturally. Because of its strong fragrance, it is best to avoid wearing it when spending time with people who do not like perfume or when dining.

Around the neck: ” Good fragrance, but be careful of changes in fragrance due to perspiration or direct sunlight.

The nape of the neck, behind the ears, and other areas around the neck are fragrant due to high body temperature. If you have short hair, be aware that direct sunlight may change the fragrance. If you tend to get perfume-sick, it is recommended to put it on the back of your neck.

Waist to back ” for a subtle, deep fragrance

If you wear it on the front of your abdomen, the fragrance will rise directly to your nose and to the person you are facing, and it will be too assertive. It is smart to put it on the side or back.

Ankle ” for a subtle fragrance

The most distant position from your nose and the other person’s nose, and where body temperature is low, is recommended if you want to wear the fragrance casually. The scent rises faintly every time you walk, making it suitable for reapplying perfume.

Whole body: “A subtle fragrance for the whole body.

The perfume is pushed a little higher in front of the body, and then sprinkled in the air, so that the perfume is spread all over the body by passing through it. Since there is no point where the fragrance is concentrated, this is a method that allows the wearer to wear a light, fluffy scent.

Be careful not to wear too much perfume, even if you like perfume.

If you love perfume so much that you wear it every day, it is easy to make the mistake of putting on too much. In addition to daily habituation, the main cause is said to be “olfactory fatigue,” a phenomenon in which the wearer loses the sense of smell of his or her own perfume two to ten minutes after beginning to sniff it. It is important to be aware that the smell may be stronger than you perceive it to be.

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