Down Vest Special: 8 Codes & 8 Popular Brands!


Down Vest Special: 8 Codes & 8 Popular Brands!

A down vest is an excellent item that can be used for a long season if it is wisely incorporated into your outfits according to the season. In this issue, we will introduce a selection of the hottest coordinates and brands recommended by our editorial department based on the theme of down vests!

8 examples of men’s down vest coordination

First, let’s take a look at the latest snapshots of men who have incorporated down vests into their outfits in a good way.

Down vests can easily fit in with your everyday casual style!

A casual blouson, denim ribbed pants, and white sneakers are a no-frills style. The down jacket blends in easily with this outfit. The main color of the outfit is blue, which is also a good choice for a chic look.

Down vests made of wool fabrics can add a sophisticated look to your jackets!

A gray down vest worn with a checkered jacket and gray slacks jacket style. If you choose a wool down vest instead of a nylon outer fabric, it will blend easily with the jacket style. The jacket, slacks, and tie are all gray, the same color as the down vest.

Down vests and shirts in the same color gradient are easy to put together!

This casual style combines a band-collar oxford shirt with chinos. The key point is the use of navy in the down vest to create a gradation with the saxophone blue of the band-collar shirt, which brings the styling together nicely.

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