Control the impression you make on others by understanding the types and features of sunglasses!


Control the impression you make on others by understanding the types and features of sunglasses!

Sunglasses” offer a variety of options depending on the face shape, parts, and trends, not to mention preferences. There is a wide range of brands to choose from, from the royal brand “Ray-Ban,” which opened its first flagship store in Shibuya, to the up-and-coming Korean brand “Gentle Monster,” which has been attracting attention for its unconventional designs. In this issue, we focus on such “sunglasses” and introduce typical shapes by type with seasonal trend analysis!

Wellington”, the classic men’s sunglasses with a cool and rugged appearance

Wellingtons,” characterized by their inverted trapezoidal frame design with the upper side longer than the lower side, were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and have been used by many musicians and artists. The sharp and rugged form is sure to add a cool masculine look to your outfits.

Next, we introduce the recommended “Wellington” type men’s sunglasses!


Ray-Ban” was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb on behalf of the U.S. Air Force, and was acquired by the Italian company Luxottica in 1999. The basic concept of Ray-Ban was “If it doesn’t protect your eyes optically, it can’t be called sunglasses. Before the acquisition, there were many models that emphasized functionality, but since 1999, many models that sell innovative designs have been developed. The current basic country of production is Italy. Since its birth in 1952, Wellington has been a standard model that has been used by numerous musicians and artists both in Japan and abroad.

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Tom Ford Leo sunglasses

Tom Ford’s sunglasses with creative and playful frame designs that can be recognized at a glance are attractive. The T-shaped metal hardware design on the side yoloi enhances the presence of the sunglasses.

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The eyewear brand ” OLIVER PEOPLES was established in 1986 in Hollywood. At the time of its establishment, the company was active as a store dealing in high-end eyewear, but it has been manufacturing original eyewear since the early 80’s, when it made its debut. The brand name comes from the sign “OLIVER PEOPLES” found near the vintage frames that were the starting point of the design. The yoloi has an original decorative clasp for added design appeal.

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Square” sunglasses that add an edge to any outfit

The ” Square ” model features a nearly rectangular design with lenses and rims. The wide range of frame designs allows you to choose your favorite model from a variety of options. Sunglasses with well-defined corners will give your coordination an edgy look. If the design has shaved corners, it gives a soft impression.

Square sunglasses, which are deformed into a more rectangular shape, seem to be popular on the streets.

In the street fashion category, especially in New York, more rectangular deformed and unique sunglasses designs seem to be gaining popularity. Not only highly sensitive streetheads like those in the image below, but also Mr. Virgil Abloh, whose appointment to Louis Vuitton is still fresh in our minds, was wearing square-shaped sunglasses. Incidentally, the sunglasses worn in the image are off-white. They sold out immediately after their release, and are now often sold at a premium price as a difficult-to-obtain model.

Next, we introduce the recommended models of ” square ” type men’s sunglasses!

RETROSUPERFUTURE square frame sunglasses

Founded in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman, retrosuperfuture designs and produces eyewear from scratch. The brand was started in Milan by the publishers of “Pig Magazine,” an Italian fashion and music magazine, who said, “We don’t have sunglasses that match the style of our magazine,” and the high quality of the design is well documented. These square sunglasses are a model with a subtle sense of fun by adopting thin smoked lenses that are as close to clear as possible. The square frame design is thick-boned and martial, and will surely add a masculine and dignified accent to your face.

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Stella McCartney Black Sunglasses

This model by Stella McCartney is the opposite of the model introduced above, with the frame designed to be slimmer. The slimmer frame increases the presence of the lenses and creates a somewhat mysterious mood.

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CRAP” is an eyewear brand founded by a group of beachheads who were chillin’ in Southern California. THE PARADISE MACHINE is a trendy pair of sunglasses with a low height and wide width that creates a trendy street-loving look. This model was worn by Rihanna, who is also known as the world’s diva.

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Round” sunglasses for a soft and intellectual impression

Round sunglasses with frames and lenses in a beautiful round shape. The well-balanced, angular design adds a soft and intelligent impression. The metal frames are elegant, while the acetate and other plastic materials give the sunglasses a unique look.

Next, we would like to introduce a recommended model of ” round ” type men’s sunglasses!

KUBORAUM round sunglasses

KUBORAUM” is an eyewear brand started in Berlin, Germany in 2012 by two designers, Mr. Livio and Mr. Sergio. Based on the novel concept of eyewear as a “mask,” they propose lens designs that can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the time of day or night. All production is handmade in Italy. These round sunglasses feature a stately frame design. The sophisticated design without a brand logo is born from the idea of accentuating the individuality of the wearer.

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MYKITA Messe sunglasses

The eyewear brand ” MYKITA ” was launched in Germany in 2003. The brand name comes from the fact that the building where it was founded was once a kindergarten (kita). The brand has gained immense popularity around the world by developing innovative designs every season, such as simple joints with no screws and lightweight frames cut from stainless steel sheets. The entire process is done in the company’s own workshop in Berlin, where high quality eyewear is produced with high-tech processing and by hand. Many fans are addicted to the comfort of the lightweight frames based on 0.5mm thick frames once they use them.

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The oval lens design enhances an intelligent and mysterious mood ” OVAL

The “oval” design, with its rounded, egg-like shape, is a charming look that brings a retro, intellectual mood to your outfits. eyewear has also appeared in the style proposed by Alessandro Michele, who has been designing Gucci collections since the fall/winter of 2015-16.

Check out the white-framed oval sunglasses known as Kurt Cobain’s favorite!

Oval sunglasses with white frames are now being worn by many people in Japan and the rest of the world. The fact that a wide range of brands from Saint Laurent and Acne to street brands such as Supreme are wearing this design shows that it is attracting attention on a global scale. The most famous model of this model is Christian Roth’s 6558, which was used by Kurt Cobain, one of the most famous fashion icons of the 1990s. This is an item that is unique and strongly trendy, so if you are interested in this item, please check it out.

Next, we introduce the recommended models of ” oval ” type men’s sunglasses!

MATSUDA Flip-Up Sunglasses

Matsuda is the ultimate luxury eyewear brand created by Mitsuhiro Matsuda, founder of the DC brand NICOLE and one of the most influential legendary designers in the history of eyewear worldwide. The handcrafted techniques of Japanese craftsmen and carefully selected materials are packed into every product. The brand has been used as costumes in major movies such as Terminator and Iron Man, and has attracted a great deal of buzz and attention from around the world. These clip-on sunglasses have an avant-garde design with a single-piece construction and no overlapping lenses.

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Gentle Monster Vector Sunglasses

Gentle Monster” is an up-and-coming brand born in Korea in 2011. The brand has developed many eyewear products with modern designs that are full of individuality, and has attracted worldwide attention since the Korean drama “You Who Came From the Stars” in which the lead actor, Ji-hyun Jeong, wore the brand’s eyewear. These oval sunglasses, which are set in a squashed oval size, are sure to add a unique look to your outfits.

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Acne Studios Mustang

Featuring a beautiful oval shape and thick acetate frames, Acne Studios’ Mustang is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s style. Incorporate these into your coordinate to create a strong sense of trendiness.

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Fox” sunglasses for a sharper look

Fox” is characterized by the shape that looks like the side is hung up. Compared to other sunglasses, it gives an avant-garde and unique look, and at the same time, it aims to make the outline of the face look sharper. This season, this type of sunglasses is especially popular in the women’s market. Since women’s trends tend to come down to men’s trends as well, it is important to check out this type of sunglasses in order to show your high sensitivity.

Next, we introduce recommended models of ” Fox ” type men’s sunglasses!

Saint Laurent Black feminine narrow lily sunglasses in black

Saint Laurent’s cat eye sunglasses feature an outwardly pointed frame design. They can add a futuristic touch to your coordination. The collection brand’s sense of design balance, which maintains elegance despite the eccentricity of the design, is also brilliant.

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HAKUSAN Cat eye sunglasses

Here is a pair of sunglasses with a moderately trendy fox-like frame design by Hakusan, whose theme is “not too much design. The matte black, calm texture and thick frames will stylishly elevate a man’s face.

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Boston” sunglasses with soft contours that give a good impression

The “Boston” is characterized by its rounded, inverted triangular shape. The name “Boston” is derived from its popularity in the Boston area of the United States. As Boston is known as an academic city area, wearing sunglasses with this design will give you an intellectual look.

Next, we introduce the recommended models of ” Boston ” type men’s sunglasses!


Oliver Peoples’ LETA has a sophisticated design based on a Boston-type frame, mixing metal and acetate materials.

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Ray-Ban Boston sunglasses

The combination of tortoiseshell frames and mirrored lenses gives Ray-Ban’s Boston sunglasses a chic and mature look.

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Thom Browne Black Boston Sunglasses

These Boston sunglasses from ” Thom Browne ” have a more rounded lens design and a slightly lower designed range position that creates a stylish look. The tips of the temples are decorated with his signature tricolor.

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Sharp and Intelligent ” Boslington

The “Boslington” design combines the softness of the Boston with the sharpness of the Wellington. The hinge position is set a little higher than that of the Boston, so the browline is sharper and has a Wellington-like appearance. Recommended for those who want to add a bit of masculinity and power to Boston.

Next, we introduce the recommended models of ” Boss Wellington ” type men’s sunglasses!

MOSCOT Lemtosh sunglasses in acetate.

The Boss Wellington is MOSCOT’s ” Lemtosh,” a classic model released in the 1950s. From Buddy Holly and Truman Capote to Johnny Depp, it has been a favorite of a wide range of intellectuals and artists. The frame design is exquisitely balanced, neither too thin nor too thick, creating a unique look that is both retro and modern. For those who prefer a slightly larger size, TUMMEL is recommended.

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Sunglasses that can add sincerity and power, “Thermont

The ” Thermont ” is a metal frame-based design with the browline switched to plastic. The birth of the thermont was in the 1950s. It was invented by American Optical for Mr. Mont, an officer in the U.S. Army who was troubled by his thin eyebrows and undignified expression at the time. Because the frame design makes them look like eyebrows, the Thurmont is a strong choice for those who wear sunglasses with the aim of enhancing their facial features.

Next, we introduce recommended models of ” Thurmont ” type men’s sunglasses!


Ray-Ban’s CLUBMASTER, a classic model since its birth in 1986, combines a unique brow design with gold metal materials to create an exquisite design that exudes intelligence and elegance.

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KYME Henri sunglasses

KYme” is an eyewear brand from Italy. The brand name comes from the Greek word “Kyme” meaning wave. The brand is gaining popularity for its handmade high-quality sunglasses collection based on vintage styles with new elements added. Introducing “Henri,” featuring an angled brow design. The frame design with a strong presence adds masculine dignity.

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Teardrop” for a retro-ragid look

The “teardrop” design is characterized by its eggplant-shaped lens design that resembles a teardrop. By incorporating this design into your outfits, you can create a somewhat retro and masculine look. The distinctive lens shape was created by pilots of the time to reduce stress on the eyeballs caused by sunlight during flight. In addition, the functional beauty of the form, which was completed in pursuit of functionality, such as the straight dimples that allow the wearer to wear a helmet, a necessity for pilots, tickles the hearts of men. It is no wonder that these models go well with biker styles and other martial sporty outfits.

Next, we introduce the ” teardrop ” type men’s sunglasses recommended models!

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Teardrop sunglasses are also called “aviators” since they were developed for airplane pilots. Ray-Ban’s aviators have a sophisticated design completed with slender metal frames.

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TOM FORD aviator sunglasses

The aviator from ” TOM FORD ” has a chic gold and black coloring that enhances the luxurious mood.

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