What is the appeal of Paraboot, the leader in French shoes?


What is the appeal of Paraboot, the leader in French shoes?

Paraboot” is a leading French shoe brand. Comfortable to wear, highly waterproof, and with a rounded form that is not heavy despite being leather shoes. The brand’s unique presence, which cannot be found anywhere else, is the result of its original manufacturing methods and materials. The cute appearance, which is instantly recognizable as Paraboot, continues to be supported by men who are strangely well versed in the world of footwear. In this issue, we focus on Paraboots and introduce their charms, coordination examples, and more!

What is Paraboot?

Paraboot” is a shoe brand representing France that originated from a small shoe factory opened by Mr. Remy Richard Ponvert in France in 1908.

Mr. Richard Ponvert, a shoemaker who was supported by a wide range of customers from the upper class in Paris to workers and mountain climbers, traveled to the United States in 1926. He saw the potential in the rubber boots worn by Americans and developed rubber-soled shoes upon his return. He used natural latex imported directly from the Brazilian port of Para as the rubber material, thus giving the brand the name ” Paraboot.


Now that more than 100 years have passed since its establishment, Paraboot has grown to become one of the world’s leading leather shoe brands, and its reputation is especially strong in its home country. In French families, the brand is so deeply rooted in their culture that it is said, “When you grow up, wear Paraboots.

The appeal of Paraboot: “The only shoe brand in the world that manufactures its own rubber soles.

In 1926, when wooden or leather soles were the norm in Europe, Paraboot’s innovative rubber sole suddenly appeared and attracted people. With their original rubber soles, which were robust, abrasion-resistant, and comfortable to wear, Paraboot shoes were first favored by general laborers, firefighters, mail carriers, and military personnel, and became accepted as work shoes. They also gained a firm position as outdoor shoes when they were used by adventurers such as Arctic explorer Paul Emile Victor.


Vibram soles, which hold a large share of the modern shoe sole market, were developed in 1937, meaning that Paraboot’s rubber soles were ahead of their time 11 years earlier.


Paraboot became the only manufacturer in the world to produce rubber soles in-house. The soles, which are made of 100% natural latex and created using a unique rubber synthesis process, are still going strong 100 years after their birth, and their sturdiness and practicality are such that they are designated as military shoes by the French Navy. The sole is so robust and practical that it has been designated as a military shoe by the French Navy.

Paraboot is highly fashionable and has many lovers all over the world. The rubber sole of the Chambord, the flagship model of Paraboot, is engraved with the initials ” RP ” of its creator, Richard Ponvert.

Paraboot’s Household Craftsmanship ” Norveigian Method

The high defensive power of Paraboot is not only a benefit of the rubber sole, but also lies in its manufacturing method. As the name suggests, the Norwegian manufacturing method was developed in Norway and other Scandinavian countries to protect against flooding due to cold and snow.


This process, which involves sewing in both vertical and horizontal directions with thick threads, is characterized by its high water resistance and powerful appearance. Because of its extreme difficulty, few manufacturers are able to handle it, but Paraboot, which specialized in mountaineering shoes when it was founded, is able to handle this method at the world’s top class level.

The charm of Paraboot ” “French jewel “squirrel leather” is used.

Many of Paraboot’s products, including the “Chambord,” are made of leather called squirrel leather. This uniquely tanned leather contains a large amount of oil, is resistant to water, and does not stain easily even when exposed to rain. Incidentally, squirrel leather is also called “the jewel of France” because of its beautiful appearance and moist luster.


The charm of Paraboot “100% made in France


All Paraboot leather shoes have been manufactured in France since the company was founded when there were only a few workers. Not only the procurement of materials such as rubber soles and squirrel leather, but also the more than 150 manufacturing processes using Goodyear welt and Norwegian methods are 100% made in France. The tools and manufacturing know-how that have been handed down for over a century are the reason why Paraboot’s leather shoes continue to maintain top-class quality.

Introduction of classic models of Paraboot

Paraboot offers a number of popular models, including the three mainstay models of “Chambord,” “Micahel,” and “Avignon. The lineup ranges from deck shoes for casual wear to leather shoes for business use, so we hope you will find your favorite pair.

Standard shoes of Paraboot (1) Iconic “CHAMBORD

The flagship “Chambord” model. In Japan, it was featured 10 times in the magazine ” Begin ” in 2014, and became the best-selling fashion item in the magazine’s sales market. This is not a temporary boom, but a leather shoe that is the pride of France, which has been popular all over the world since the prototype model was developed in 1920. These U-tip shoes are based on the wooden pattern of mountaineering shoes. The upper is made of squirrel leather, which is said to have been developed for chambord, and the originally developed PARATEX rubber sole is sewn on using the Norveigian method. This is a pair that truly brings together the technological prowess of Paraboot.

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Paraboot’s classic shoes (2) Long-selling Tyrolean shoes “MICHAEL

Tyrolean shoes are believed to have originated in the Tyrol region of the Alps. Originally used as mountain-climbing shoes, Paraboot’s “Michael” shoes have become a fashion item that can be worn on the street. In fact, they have been a long-selling item for more than 70 years since their birth. In the past, a model made from seal hair was released, which caused a sensation (production of this model has been discontinued due to the endangered seals). The voluminous silhouette is perfect for casual wear. The voluminous silhouette is perfect for casual wear, and of course, the shoes are waterproof and durable, which are essential features of mountaineering shoes, so they can be used outdoors as well.

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Paraboot’s classic shoes (3) “Avignon” popular in France

While chambord is very popular in Japan, the most popular U-tip in its home country of France is the ” Avignon. The toe is thinner than that of the chambord, and the lines of the U-tip are more elegant. The Avignon is a more elegant version with a narrower toe and a more elegant U-tip line than the Chambord.

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Paraboot’s classic shoes (4) “BARTH”, the king of deck shoes

The “berth” is the classic summer casual shoe. While having a fresh and urban appearance, the functional aspect with MARINE rubber sole is of such quality that it is officially used by the French Navy. From chic to light, you can enjoy different looks depending on the color you choose.

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Paraboot’s classic shoes (5) “WILLIAM”, the double monk shoes made by John Lobb

William” has a certain elegance to it. The “William” is based on a model from that time. The double monk shoes are not only elegant, but can also be worn casually thanks to the Paraboot-like rubber sole and the Norwegian manufacturing method.

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Paraboot’s classic shoes (6) “CORAUX” loafers with a traditional atmosphere

The loafer “Colo-” was made based on the aforementioned “Barth”. Since the sole is also made of MARINE rubber sole, it is highly waterproof and slip resistant to water. An American pair finished by hand-sawn. The glossy leather also has a luxurious feel.

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Paraboot’s classic shoes (7) “Proton” chukka boots boasting high robustness

The “Proton” has excellent waterproofing and robustness thanks to Paraboot’s house specialty, the Norwegian manufacturing method and PARATEX rubber sole. There are many chukka boots, but none of them are so reliable in terms of durability. The dull sheen of the squirrel leather is also very attractive.

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Here are some examples of how to wear Paraboots!

Paraboot tends to be favored especially by “sophisticated men”. We pick up the example of the dressing/coordination full of “stylishness” that can only be found in Paraboot.

PARABOOTS×Denim coordinate

The “CHAMBORD”, the most popular Paraboot, is worn with a navy mountain parka and dark blue jeans. By using a lot of navy, you can get a casual look, and by rolling up the shoes, you can complete the coordination with a sense of comfort.


Paraboots x Slacks x Chester coat style

The camel brown chester coat and gray slacks are worn with Paraboot’s “MICHAEL” Tyrolean boots. The Vibram sole gives the boots a rugged feel, while the short length gives them a casual air.


Para Boots x Corduroy Pants x Knit Style

Corduroy pants by Yoshihiro Hayashi, a pioneer in the denim world. On his feet, he chose Avignon U-tip shoes, the most popular shoes in his home country of Blanc. The brown leather, which has aged well, adds to the austere atmosphere of this style.


paraboot x denim jacket style

The “Chambord” is highly versatile and can be easily matched to any style, but it is the most compatible with the work style. The fact that it can be worn on rainy days without fear is also a strength.

paraboot on instagram

Daring to wear white paraboots for a “casual” look

The white color of the “MICHAEL” gives a clean and modern look to Tyrolean shoes, which have a strong outdoorsy impression.

paraboot3paraboot on instagram

paraboot x marine style

This marine style combines an effortless loose silhouette striped T-shirt and pants. The quintessential Paraboot classic deck shoes, ” Barth “, are chosen for the feet. By choosing navy for all items, the marine style is brought to the forefront while creating a fresh yet relaxed impression.

paraboot1paraboot on instagram

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