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5 Cardigans for Men’s Spring Cordage


5 Cardigans for Men's Spring Cordage

The author recommends brand items on the theme of ” Cardigans,” a staple garment for men’s spring outfits.

Cardigans are a staple item for men’s spring outfits!

Cardigans are perfect for the spring season, when temperatures vary greatly from day to night, because they can be easily put on and taken off by opening and closing the front buttons. It is standard to wear it with a T-shirt, a cut-and-sew like a long T, or a shirt as an inner layer. At Pitti Womo, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for men’s ready-to-wear clothing, many fashionable men were seen wearing cardigans.

Cardigan just right for spring coordinates (1)

If you are going to get a cardigan, it should have a “fashionable design,” “look great on its own and can be used as a jacket inner,” “easy to wear,” and “washable at home. If you go to all the trouble, you want to choose an item that is easy to use from a variety of perspectives, such as ” We picked up the wide V-neck cardigan “ROY” from GENTLEMAN PROJECTS. It has a silhouette that looks like a modern shoulder line, arm design that can be used as innerwear for jackets, 2×2 ribbed placket with a 3cm width presence, wool-based fabric with a sense of quality, and can be washed at home.

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Cardigan just right for spring coordinates (2)MR P. Open Knit Cotton Cardigan

Luxury fashion shopping site NET-A-PORTER (Net-a-Porter) launched in 2011 for men, MRPORTER (Mr. Porter). The site’s original brand is ” MR P. The brand’s timeless design and appearance, which does not look out of place when coordinated with other luxury brands, are appealing. This time, we picked up a 100% cotton cardigan knitted roughly. It is knitted in an asymmetrical design that combines different knitting fabrics and has the drop-shoulder style, which is in season, and it is a delight to be able to create a moderately unique look within the orthodox design category. Incidentally, the brand’s products come with a digital ID code that reveals the item’s story and styling & care details.

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Cardigan just right for spring coordinates (3)AMI PARIS Ami de Cœur Cardigan

Pick up a cardigan with a 15% merino wool mix on a GOTS certified organic cotton base. It has a modern silhouette with a drop-shoulder design that falls well below the shoulders and a short hem. The thick ribbing on the sleeves and hem adds a little accent, and the dark color of the Ami de Cœur embroidery makes this a good choice for men who want to avoid the over-the-top logo.

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Cardigan just right for spring coordinates④STONE ISLAND Black Logo Patch Cardigan

Knit cardigan made of 100% organic cotton from the popular STONE ISLAND. The design dares to show seams, but the 14-gauge high-gauge knit fabric gives a delicate and smooth impression. The fitting is a perfect silhouette, as is typical of the brand, but the sleeves are a little long, so it is best to choose the right size after taking this into consideration. The advantage of this brand is that it does not choose the brand category of other items to match, so it can be recommended for men who want to freely combine various brands of clothes with different tastes.

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Just the Cardigan for Spring Codes (5)UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Cardigan (Long Sleeves)

100% extra fine merino wool of about 19.5 microns for a beautiful sheen and smooth feel. UNIQLO’s cardigans are made of 100% ultra-fine merino wool of about 19 microns, which gives them a beautiful sheen and a smooth feel. It is specially treated to prevent pilling and can be washed in a household washing machine.

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