What is the appeal of the famous Adidas “Country” shoe with its retro mood?


What is the appeal of the famous Adidas "Country" shoe with its retro mood?

This time, we focus on Adidas’ ” COUNTRY ” with its retro and sporty look!

History of adidas, the world’s leading sports manufacturer

Before getting to know COUNTRY, let’s briefly review what kind of brand “adidas” is, a global sports manufacturer that is now well known to everyone. adidas was started by his younger brother, Adolf Dassler, after the dissolution of the shoe manufacturing company ” Dassler Brothers Trading Company,” founded in 1920 in Nuremberg, Germany, by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, who were the sons of shoemakers. The brand name was derived from his nickname “Addy” and “Das” from his last name, Dassler. The brand has produced many masterpieces, including Stan Smiths, Superstars, and the cross country shoe masterpiece “Country,” which we will introduce here.

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What is adidas’ famous “COUNTRY” sneaker?

The Adidas Country was first produced in 1973 for the sport of cross-country running. The sneaker was developed to provide stability for running on rough unpaved roads in forests, mountains, and natural parks. The original model was produced in a French factory and has been updated with minor changes many times, making it a fun item to find a vintage model with a different design for each decade. The original color combination was green and white, just like the Stan Smiths. The original color combination of green and white, like the Stan Smiths, was worn by Eddie Murphy in the American action comedy film ‘ Beverly Hills Cop’, and became popular as a representative pair of sneakers that went well with jeans. The smart form and beauty of the design have made it a long-selling model with deep-rooted fans.

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Check out why the adidas COUNTRY is so popular!

Adidas’ classic “Country” model. Why is it that more than 50 years after its appearance, this model is still supported and popular among so many people? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons.

Reasons why the adidas COUNTRY is so popular: 1) “3-layer sole for stability and design

What makes the Country so stable and comfortable to wear is its distinctive two-layer midsole. By combining two types of sponge material midsole with different hardness, it provides stable comfort and high cushioning even on rough terrain. The outsole features a retro gum sole that is durable and grippy. It features a wavy herringbone pattern, and durability is enhanced by changing the pattern thicker only at the toe. The heel is a rolled-up sole, forming a distinctive country form. Suitable as driving shoes, this item can be used in a variety of situations.

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Reason #2 for the popularity of adidas Country: ” Natural leather upper that brings a sense of luxury

The Country has been updated many times since its release. The initial model used kangaroo leather, which is rare nowadays. Later, nylon uppers were introduced for light weight and breathability, but nowadays, the main item is made of natural leather for its superior durability. Natural leather gives a luxurious feel while flat laces add a sporty element. The toe and heel overlays are reinforced with suede to create a contrasting look.

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Reason for the popularity of the adidas “Country” (3) “Retro design and form that tickles the nostalgia”.

On the side is the iconic Adidas three stripes. The three stripes are not just a design, but a history of the adoption of this design, as the midfoot was reinforced with a band to prevent stretching. On the shoe tongue, the trefoil logo of the three-leaf motif, the old brand logo, is placed, giving the design a retro feel. The smart and simple form of the shoe, combined with the retro design, creates an item that will never grow old.

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