A new G-Shock classic! What is the charm of the analog model “GA-2100,” popularly known as “Kashi Oak”?


A new G-Shock classic! What is the charm of the analog model "GA-2100," popularly known as "Kashi Oak"?

CASIO” is a Japanese watch manufacturer that has won a prestigious reputation around the world. This time, we will focus on the GA-2100, the “new standard analog model” of Casio’s popular G-Shock series, and introduce the history of Casio, the beginning of G-Shock, and the features of the GA-2100 model. Introduction!

CASIO, Japan’s leading watch brand

CASIO was founded in 1946 in Mitaka City, Tokyo, as a subcontract factory called “Kashio Seisakusho,” which processed and manufactured parts and gears for precision instruments. While working as a subcontractor, the company was also actively involved in product development, and after commercializing the “ring pipe,” which could smoke a cigarette right up to the root, and the world’s first compact pure electric calculator, the company changed its name to “Casio Computer Co. After vigorously developing electronic devices and achieving great success with the world’s first personal calculator, “Casio Mini,” the company decided to launch a watch business. In 1974, the company developed the “Casiotron,” a watch with unparalleled performance, placing great importance on differentiating itself from other domestic watch brands such as Seiko and Citizen, which were already popular in Japan. This digital watch, the first in the world to incorporate an automatic calendar function, quickly became the talk of the town and raised the profile of “Casio” watches. Casio then created the “G-Shock,” a tough and rugged watch that still boasts unshakable popularity today, thereby spreading Casio’s name not only in Japan but also throughout the world.

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What is G-SHOCK, the one and only series to which GA-2100 belongs?

Casio’s “G-Shock” was introduced in 1983 as a robust and durable piece of gear. At the time, watches were thin and light to express their technological prowess, but the “G-Shock” was introduced to the world as if to overturn this conventional wisdom with its superior shock-resistance. The “G” in G-SHOCK stands for “G-Shock,” and the “G” stands for “G-Shock. The “G” in G-SHOCK is taken from the word “Gravity. The G-SHOCK, with its new and different concept, quickly attracted attention in the watch industry, and it is no exaggeration to say that there is now no one who does not know the name G-SHOCK, and it has become a standard item in the watch industry.


Shock-Resistant Structure (Shock-Resist) Equipped in All G-SHOCK Models

The first G-Shock model, the “DW-5000C,” was the result of two years of development and more than 200 experiments, and was designed to withstand a 10-meter drop, a 10-year battery life, and 10 atmospheres of water resistance. The first model “DW-5000C,” which took two years of development and more than 200 experiments, featured a hollow structure with the front covered with a highly resilient urethane resin to prevent direct impact on the module inside the watch. By incorporating collision mitigating parts inside the case, a mechanism to protect against large impacts was realized. It is said that the inspiration for these features came from a rubber ball that children used to play with at the park. At a time when most people thought of watches as precision instruments that were vulnerable to shocks and water, G-Shock’s functionality was a shock to the world. Today, in addition to shock-resistant construction, models with water resistance to 20 atmospheres are also available. In addition to its shock-resistant structure, G-Shock models are now also available with 20 atmospheric pressure water resistance, making it possible to wear G-Shock watches not only for daily water work, but also for water activities without worrying about water.

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An ice hockey commercial aired in the U.S. that demonstrates the ruggedness of G-Shock watches.

In 1984, a commercial was aired in the U.S. in which an ice hockey player demonstrated that his G-Shock would not break even if he hit it with a stick, which was controversial as hype, and a program was aired in the U.S. in which professional field hockey players actually shot and crushed it with a truck in order to prove the durability of the G-Shock. The commercials were aired in the U.S. to prove the durability of G-Shock, and the product became a huge hit. In Japan, the SHOCK became popular in the 1990s when Keanu Reeves wore it in the movie ” Speedo “. Artists such as Kanye West, Eminem, and Justin Bieber also like to wear G-Shock. The G-Shock’s durability was as good as any watch, yet its fashionable design made it stand out on the streets, making the G-Shock an enduringly popular timepiece.

G-SHOCK is more than just rugged! G-SHOCK is equipped with Casio’s unique digital functions

In addition to their amazing durability, G-SHOCK watches are equipped with a variety of digital functions. Stopwatch, timer, and alarm functions are included in all G-SHOCK models. The dials and LCDs are equipped with high-luminance LEDs that vividly illuminate the dials and LCDs, ensuring visibility in the dark. Some models also feature depth measurement, thermometer, solar system, and world clock, making them groundbreaking models that are both rugged and functional.

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