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Thick-soled sneakers 13 gem models recommended by our editorial department for men


Thick-soled sneakers 13 gem models recommended by our editorial department for men

Since the “dado” sneaker boom, thick-soled sneakers have been accepted by the world, and they still maintain a strong popularity among fashion-conscious men and women. In this issue, we focus on such “thick-soled sneakers” and introduce a selection of sneakers recommended by the editorial department for men, from classic to non-standard models.

What are the “standards” and “how to choose” for thick-soled sneakers, and what are the advantages of incorporating them into your outfits?

Thick-soled sneakers literally mean sneakers with a thick midsole. (The thickness of the sole of an ordinary sneaker is about 3 cm.)
・The key to choosing thick-soled sneakers is, as with ordinary sneakers, those based on white, black or gray are easy to coordinate with, so if you want to match them with various outfits, we recommend choosing such a safe color. If the number of colors incorporated into the entire body, including tops, pants, outerwear, caps, accessories, and shoes, is kept to about four colors, it will lead to a sophisticated impression.
One of the advantages of wearing thick-soled sneakers is that they enhance height and make legs look longer. Another advantage is that thick-soled sneakers with a sense of overall volume are easy to balance when worn with thick pants.
Thick-soled sneakers with soles over 5cm in height have a strong visual impact, and are suitable for coordination in which the sneaker takes center stage.

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Thick-soled sneakers recommended for men (1)NIKE Air Force 1

The sole thickness of the “Air Force 1,” which took first place in the ” Men’s Sneaker Recommendation Ranking [ Latest Comprehensive Edition ],” is 4 cm, and was picked as a thick-soled sneaker. The ” Air Jordan 1,” also a representative of NIKE, has a similar 4cm sole thickness, although it does not look like a thick-soled sneaker from the outside. And the ” Air Max 95,” a mainstay of the high-tech sneaker boom of the 1990s, has a similar 4cm sole thickness.

NIKE Air Force 1

Check out the purchase NIKE Air Force 1

Thick-soled sneakers recommended for men (2)New Balance 990

The 990 series, which reigns as the flagship of the New Balance lineup, has been evolving since its introduction in 1982. The sole thickness is about 4cm regardless of the model version, such as V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6. The orthodox design and comfort are the best of all worlds. It is also recommended to use New Balance’s special insole for a more cushioned, fluffy feeling and a height-enhancing effect.

New Balance M990GL6

Check out New Balance 990

Thick-soled sneakers recommended for men (3)HOKA BONDI

The “BONDI” series has quickly become popular as a fashionable sneaker, riding the thick-soled sneaker boom. The edgy, knurled, thick-soled soles are so soft and shock-absorbent that you would never guess from their appearance, and they are very comfortable to wear. Moreover, they are lightweight, so you will not get tired even if you wear them for a long time. As of 2024, the 8th generation of the ” BONDI 8 ” has been released as the newest model, but minor changes have been made to the new model and the old model, which look different while still maintaining their originality. It may only be a matter of time before we start hearing conversations like New Balance saying, “I like the BONDI 6.


Check out HOKA’s BONDI

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Thick-soled sneakers for men (4)

Pick up CONVERSE’s All Star 100 CHUNK HI, a sole-aligned model of the All Star 100. It features a lug sole with an uneven and curved arch. The sole design is 22mm higher at the heel than usual, and the sole is approximately 5cm thick, creating just the right amount of volume underfoot while containing the classic design elements of the All Star. The upper is made of water-repellent canvas to prevent water from penetrating and stains from sticking.

[Converse] Sneakers All Star Chunk HI


Thick-soled sneakers recommended for men (5)Various UGG sneakers

UGG is famous for its sheepskin boots, which have gained popularity among surfers, but in recent years the company has put particular emphasis on sneaker releases. Sneakers in general boast stable popularity among women with their unisex lineup, but the standard model ” CA805 ” is especially recommended for men. It has a very thick midsole with a sole thickness of about 5.7 cm, but the original upper design allows it to blend in with any outfit. The ” CA805 V2 ” with rounded cutting parts is also recommended for men.


Check out UGG’s sneakers

Recommended thick-soled sneakers for men (6)Onitsuka Tiger DELECITY

Many of Onitsuka Tiger’s sneakers are classic, thin-soled models, but we picked up the ” DELECITY” is a model that combines the essence of two archival shoes and sublimates them into a modern design. The chunky, flat sole with a lightweight presence and flat form incorporates elements of archival basketball shoes from the 1950s, while the upper is based on 1980s tennis shoes, reconstructed to be more easily styled.

Onitsuka Tiger DELECITY

Check out Onitsuka Tiger’s DELECITY

Thick-soled Sneakers for Men (7)Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker

Alexander McQueen’s ” Oversized Sneaker ” is a classic The “Oversized Sneaker” by Alexander McQueen was introduced in the 2015 spring/summer collection as a model that beautifully blends a court-style sneaker design with a thick sole, and it is now a much-loved model as a standard item. The model is now a much-loved staple, with numerous variations available each season, ranging from orthodox colors to more unconventional colorways. Next in popularity to this model is the ” Tread Slick,” which was released in January 2020. Incidentally, the sole thickness of the Oversized sneaker is approximately 4 cm, while that of the Tread Slick is approximately 5 cm.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers

Check out Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers

Recommended thick-soled sneakers for men (8)Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are a popular series by Mihara Yasuhiro and a new standard for thick-soled sneakers. They feature a distorted sole design, and these are said to be made by 3D scanning a hand-molded mold using resin clay. They are also lightweight despite having a thick sole, making them comfortable to wear. The sole is approximately 4.5 cm thick.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Canvas Sneakers

Check out Maison Mihara Yasuhiro’s canvas sneakers

Thick-soled sneakers for men ⑨Balenciaga Triple S

Balenciaga’s “Triple S,” released in 2017, is known for leading the dud sneaker boom and chunky sole sneaker It is known for its role as the driving force behind the dud sneaker boom and chunky soles. Although not as popular as it was back then, new versions are still being released every season, including new color variations and versions with clear parts. The sole is approximately 4 cm thick.

Balenciaga Balenciaga Triple S Sweatshirt

Check out Balenciaga Triple S

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Thick-soled sneakers recommended for men (10)Various Eytys sneakers

Speaking of “Eytys,” which started in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2013, the brand is known as a leader of the thick-soled sneaker boom and has sent out various chunky-soled sneakers to the world. In addition to the brand’s first sneaker, “Mother,” the lineup includes all types of thick-soled sneakers such as “Mother II,” “Doja,” “Odessa,” “Sidney,” and “Angel,” and new models are released every season. While the sole thickness of standard models such as “Mother II” and “Doja” is around 4 cm, the “Halo,” released in September 2019, is an astonishing 6.5 cm, causing a stir in the industry.


Check out Eytys sneakers.

Recommended thick-soled sneakers for men (11)NORTHWAVE Espresso

“Northwave” is a shoe manufacturer that started its business in Montebelluna, Italy in 1991. The company is well known in the snowboard boot industry, and the “Espresso” introduced here is also reminiscent of snowboard boots with its poppy toe design. In fact, in the 90’s, the shoes were worn by celebrities such as Hiroshi Fujiwara and Puffy, which caused a huge boom, but due to the small production number, they were out of stock one after another, and later production was discontinued. The pair introduced here is a reissue of the original design. This pair is recommended for those who wanted them back then but were unable to obtain them. The sole is approximately 4.8cm thick and has excellent cushioning.


Check out NORTHWAVE Espresso

Thick-soled sneakers for men ⑫PRADA Cloudbust Thunder

Launched in 2019, the Cloudbust Thunder is now one of Prada’s most popular sneakers. The popularity of these sneakers has been spurred by the fact that male K-pop idols have worn them. The upper features futuristic parts. The sole is about 5 cm thick.

Prada Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sneakers

Check out the PRADA Cloudbust Thunder

Thick-soled sneakers for men⑬NIKE AIR MAX 720

The “Air Max 720” debuted in 2019 and was the most talked about sneaker with the thickest air sole unit. It features an original upper that was inspired by natural phenomena such as lava, the Northern Lights, and the Milky Way, and can add a sporty, futuristic feel to your outfits. The sole is approximately 5 cm thick.

air max 720

Check out the NIKE AIR MAX 720

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