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Six popular waxes for frizzy hair and how to apply them


Six popular waxes for frizzy hair and how to apply them

In this issue, we will introduce the hottest styling products under the theme of “Waxes that suit men’s frizzy hair.

Make full use of frizzy hair? Controlling it?Choose the best wax for frizzy hair to match your ideal style!

When looking for the best wax for frizzy hair, it is important to determine your ideal hair style. The best wax depends on whether your ideal style is one that makes full use of your frizzy hair or one that keeps it in check. The theory is that if you want to make full use of your frizzy hair, choose a wax with high setting power with a wet and shiny feel that accentuates the waviness of your hair in a permanent style; if you want to control it, choose a wax that does not have too much setting power.


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Wax with a high moisture content goes well with frizzy hair that tends to be dry!

It is very important to choose the right wax for your hair type. Especially for frizzy hair, which tends to be dry and spreadable, simply choosing a wax with high setting power to take advantage of your frizzy hair may be a mistake. For example, clay-based waxes with high setting power are characterized by their low water content, and when used on frizzy hair, they often catch on the hair when the wax is applied and shaken down, making it difficult to set. If you have frizzy hair, it is better to find a wax that suits your hair type from “cream,” “fiber,” and “grease” types, which have more moisture and less shine than clay-type waxes, although they do not have the same setting power.

Focus on setting power and shine!Three recommended waxes for hairstyles that make full use of frizzy hair

First, we recommend hair waxes for those who want to achieve their ideal hairstyles that make use of frizzy hair! We have carefully selected those waxes that have recently gained attention from waxes that have good setting power and are easy to create a shiny look that can reduce dryness.

Recommended Waxes for Hairstyles that Make Full Use of Wavy Hair (1)LIPPS's Wet Blast

First, from LIPPS, which is gaining popularity as a new standard, we picked up a hair wax that can achieve a wet texture and fine move style. Wet Blast is the wax with the highest setting power and shine among LIPPS waxes. It is recommended for those who prefer wet hair with a gel-set look that gives the hair a mature, masculine, sexy feel.

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Wax recommended for hairstyles that make full use of wavy hair (2)RETØUCH's WAVE

RETØUCH’s Wave Wax for perms attracted so much attention that the first batch sold out immediately and became difficult to obtain. Wavy hair tends to be dry as well as permed hair. The greatest appeal of this wax is that it has a shine and setting power suitable for such hair types. It is recommended for those who want to balance the glossiness of grease and gel and the setting power of wax in a single product.

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Recommended wax for hairstyles that make full use of frizzy hair (3)OCEAN TRICO's Natural

We recommend OCEAN TRICO’s Natural for those who want to achieve a natural finish that does not become too glossy and achieve a hair set that makes full use of frizzy hair OCEAN TRICO Natural is a basic, easy-to-use wax. This basic, easy-to-use wax is also used by popular hair salons. Rising Wave’s fresh scent is also a nice touch.

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How to apply wax in hairstyles that utilize frizzy hair?

The royal way to apply wax on frizzy hair is to take and spread out a wax with a high moisture content and apply it starting from the side of the collar where there is a lot of hair volume. Since frizzy hair easily absorbs oil and moisture from wax, it is recommended to apply a little more than the recommended amount (for example, 3~4 edamame (green soybeans) if the recommended amount is 2~3 edamame (green soybeans)). Also, since there is more hair in the back of the hair than in the front, it is best to apply the excess wax to the front of the hair after thoroughly applying it to the back of the hair, so that the entire hair can be waxed in a well-balanced manner.

In addition to wax, the process of using a hair dryer before setting hair is also important. The degree of perfection of styling depends on whether or not the foundation of the hair set is firmly established with a hair dryer. In the video below, Eito Miyanaga actually explains the basic styling techniques. (Styling explanation starts at 4:38~)

Editor Tachibana
One celebrity who has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years for his wavy hair style is King Gnu’s Daiki Tsuneda. If you want to achieve a grunge-modern hairstyle like his, we recommend mixing wax with gel or mousse that gives a glossy look. By mixing them together, you can control the dryness and spreading that can be a problem for frizzy hair. Gels and mousses are light in texture and can be washed out with shampoo. This minimizes the damage caused by washing hair. Recently, manufacturers are offering gel wax, a styling product that combines the best of gel and wax, so be sure to check it out.

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Aim for a natural-looking type with a modest shine!3 recommended waxes for hair with controlled wavy hair

Considering the characteristic of hair to swell more when wet, it is desirable to choose a wax that does not produce an overly wet or wet look if you want to control frizzy hair. Aim for a wax with a natural texture and not too shiny. To control frizzy hair, it is more important to make the frizz less noticeable by blow drying and ironing than by choosing the right wax. To save time and effort, we recommend considering a straight perm, hair straightener, or easy perm.

Waxes recommended for hairstyles with controlled frizz (1)gatsby THE DESIGNER's Mode Wax

From gatsby THE DESIGNER, a group of top stylists, pick up a stylish hairstyle Pick up a mode wax to create stylish hairstyles. The texture is designed to clump without clumping, so it is recommended for those who want to achieve nuanced hair flow and subtle movement. The modern package design is also a must-have!

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Recommended Wax for Wavy Hair (2)LEBEL's Trier Emulsion 6

Trier Emulsion is a styling product that has gained strong popularity among stylists working at renowned hair salons. Its treatment effect with shea butter allows users to enjoy setting their hair while minimizing damage to their hair. The pump type makes it easy to adjust the amount of styling product by the number of pushes. The series is divided into 4, 6, 8, and 10, with the higher number indicating greater setting power. 6 has more setting power than 4, which gives a natural look, but is not as clumpy as hard waxes.

LEBEL's Trier Emulsion 6 Wax for hair with less frizzy hair

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Waxes recommended for hair with less frizz (3)SPICE+ hard wax

Spice Plus is the newest addition to Alimino’s Spice brand. This eye-catching hard wax in a fresh blue color has a well-balanced finish that is easy to use even for first-time set-up. It is recommended for royal short styles with bundle and movement.

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