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How to trim a goatee [ how to leave a good impression like a good-looking guy?


How to trim a goatee [ how to leave a good impression like a good-looking guy?

While a beard can give a wild and fearless impression, it can also make you look untidy and sloppy if not groomed properly. If you are going to grow a beard, you should aim for a well-groomed beard that will make a good impression on those around you. In this article, we will focus on the “goatee” among beards and introduce recommended ways to trim it.

What are the advantages of beard trimming?

There are two advantages to trimming a goatee: ” It gives a cleaner look than a full beard,” and” It makes the face line look cleaner. The former goes without saying, but the cleanliness of the face line mentioned in the latter is a point that has been attracting attention as a standard for good-looking men in the past few years. Face massages and petit face-lift procedures to make the face line look clean are becoming more common among men. It is possible to bring about a plastic surgery-grade change in the face line by properly adjusting the chin beard to one’s own frame.

Understanding the ideal beard silhouette

Naturally, the ideal goatee shape differs from person to person. First, it is important to understand what your ideal goatee silhouette is. For example, one of the best ways to do this is to look at the styles of celebrities with beards. Try to find the ideal goatee silhouette from a celebrity who is close to your bone structure.

From here, we will introduce the best ways of styling a beard based on a beard silhouette that is generally considered to be well balanced The following is a brief description of how to adjust the beard for reference based on the generally well-balanced beard silhouette.

How to trim a goatee (1)

When trimming the beard, the basic flow is to form a general silhouette by trimming and then shaving the unnecessary hairs. The goatee should be wider than the lips for a balanced look, so if you prefer a frizzy style with the goatee left in or a style in which the goatee is connected to the beards in an anchor shape, this is a good place to start. The hair is thicker in the center of the face and thinner toward the sides to create a three-dimensional look.

The length of the chin beard can be adjusted to make the face line look sleeker and more attractive!

For those with a wide face, gradating the length of the beard so that the tip of the chin is pointed will give the face line a sleeker, tighter look. For those who prefer the wild look of stubble, we recommend leaving a wild look without daring to be too neat when trimming.

If you prefer a shorter beard, it is a good idea to pre-trim it to a length that is easy to trim with a trimmer.

If you prefer a shorter goatee, it is a good idea to pre-trim it to a length that is easy to trim with a beard trimmer. This makes it much easier to fine-tune with scissors.

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How to trim a goatee (2)

Beards grow in a thousand different ways. Some people may have thicker or thinner areas of beard than others. Use scissors to trim the beard so that the thicker areas are thinned out and the thinner areas are left in order to even out the thickness of the beard. Note that simply trimming the entire length of the beard with a trimmer will not even out the thickness of the beard.

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When making a silhouette, cut after releasing the comb that has been passed through. Trimming the beard that sticks out after the comb is lightly passed through makes it easier to adjust to a stable silhouette.

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Point: Trimming with scissors vertically creates a natural finish.

When trimming to thin out the beard, it is easier to cut the targeted single strand by inserting the scissors vertically. This technique is also effective when thinning out gray beards. Incidentally, it is easy to improve the appearance of the beard by thinning the black and gray hair to a ratio of 7:3. It is recommended that the whiskers to be thinned out be targeted at whiskers that are against the flow of the hair or that stand out badly.

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How to trim a goatee (3)Shave off unwanted beards for perfection!

Once the general shape and thickness of the beard has been trimmed, the shaving process begins. Please refer to the video below for tips on shaving.

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If you want to look like an international barber style, it’s a good idea to make the border between the beard and the skin clear. Also, I recommend that the neck side of the beard should have a clear border regardless of the shape of the beard. This will make the boundary between the face and neck easier to see and give the face a clean line.

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