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Men’s short bob 5 recommended hairstyles


Men's short bob 5 recommended hairstyles

In this issue, we will discuss the ” Short Bob for Men ” and introduce the basic knowledge and recommended hairstyles that you should keep in mind.

Basic Knowledge of the Short Bob (1)

The short bob, as the name implies, is a shorter bob style. A bob style refers to a cut-based hairstyle in which the bottom line is trimmed without a step on the surface. The resulting hairstyle is based on a heavy tousled hairstyle. The bob style is based on a top that does not have much volume, but can be arranged with layers to create a fluffy volume at the top.

Basic Knowledge of the Short Bob (2)

A hairstyle that is often confused with the short bob is the mash. In fact, it is important to understand that both short bob and mash (= mash bob) are part of the bob style category, and broadly speaking, they are both bob styles. What is the difference between the two? Mush is a style in which the surface is layered to create roundness from the top to the back of the head. It also tends to be lightly finished at the ends.

Basic Knowledge of the Short Bob (3)

Men’s short bob styles come in many variations and are surprisingly suitable for all face shapes, facial features, fashion styles, etc. If you have a long face, you can cover the length of your face by leaving the bangs long and creating a fringe. Conversely, if you have a round face, a center parting to expose the forehead and emphasize vertical lines is a good idea. If you have a wide face, especially if the distance from the corners of the eyes to the contours of the face is long, you can cover the temples with bangs. Also, the short bob has an image of being somewhat feminine, but by incorporating a spiral perm, for example, it can be made into a masculine and wild hairstyle.

Short bob-based men's hairstyles (1)The royal black hair style! Short bob with bangs down

The first hairstyle introduced here is a short bob style with black hair in the style of a men’s short bob. The heavy bangs give it a feminine and natural nuance, while the ears and neckline are kept clean for a youthful and clean look. The sides are two-blocked to keep the hair from spreading to the sides. For the haircut, it is best to blow-dry the hair in a continuous flow while taking advantage of the bob cut base, and then apply hair oil or balm for a natural finish.

Recommended for this haircut: ▶︎track Hair Oil No. 3

Short bob-based men's hairstyle (2)Center part with nuanced perm for a sophisticated look

Among the many men’s hairstyles, the center part with a bob silhouette has gained steadfast popularity. If you are tired of straight hair with a center part, we recommend applying a nuanced perm to create a loose look and differentiate it from the mass-produced center parted styles. Although the hair ends are slightly heavy, which is unique to the short bob base, the hair around the ears and the nape are kept neat and clean. While incorporating the latest trends, this style brings out a sophisticated adult sexiness without being overdone and giving a vulgar impression. For the hair, we recommend applying a soft wax and rubbing it in lightly, and letting the ends play a little.

Recommendations for this haircut: ▶︎DEUXER Medium Soft Wax 3

Short bob based men's hairstyle (3)Karma perm on bob base

Pick up a hairstyle that incorporates the karma perm, which is one of the most popular Korean styles driving trends in men’s hair. The key point is that the hair is cut on a bob base, which is quite low in the front from the sides to the bangs, and even with the karma perm applied, it still forms a line that is low in the front. The parting of the hair is about one finger length away from the center to create an asymmetrical natural look. The bangs that fall over the eyes create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere, but the clean lines around the ears maintain a clean image.

Recommendation for this hairstyle ▶︎gatsby THE DESIGNER Hair Balm

Short Bob-Based Men's Hairstyles 4Adult Two-Block Short Bob

The bob base is rounded, but the two-block on the sides creates a sleek silhouette. Styling the hair naturally flows from the line under the eyes to the temples again to hide the temples, creating a small face effect. In the case of the hairstyle below, the airy nuance is the key point, so you want to add just the right amount of senning to create a light texture. For a cozy look, we recommend adding weaving that is not too bright to emphasize the hair flow. For styling, use a hair balm to create a natural bundle and flow, and a hairspray to keep the texture in place.

Recommended for this haircut: ▶︎RETØUCH Hair Balm

Short Bob-Based Men's Hairstyles (5)Bob-Based Up-Bang Spiral Perm Hair

Mush-based hairstyles are often neutral or cute nuances, but many men are more interested in wild and masculine styles. But there are also many men who prefer a wild and masculine style. For such men, we recommend a style that incorporates a spiral perm from the middle of the hair to the ends. The strength of the curls can be adjusted depending on the choice of styling products and the timing of application of styling products, so arrange according to your mood and TPO. Gel-type styling products are recommended, as they give the hair a permed texture and hold the hairstyle in place.

Recommended for this haircut ▶︎LORETTA AIMER Gel <styling gel> 270g

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