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Ear-covering men’s hair 5 recommended hairstyles


Ear-covering men's hair 5 recommended hairstyles

Ear-hanging hairstyles can be arranged when there is a certain amount of length to the bangs and sideburns. In this issue, we introduce the merits of ear-length hair, points to note when ordering, and recommended hairstyles!

Ear-covering Men's Hair - Basic Knowledge (1)What are the advantages of ear-curling in men's hair?

This is a hairstyle in which the bangs and sideburns are hung over the ears. The advantage of this style is that it gives a clean look to the face and creates an impression of cleanliness. Also, by hanging long hair over the ears, it is possible to create an ennui and sexy mood. This hair arrangement is recommended for those who want to create a certain atmosphere with their hair. Another advantage is that you can easily enjoy two different styles with one haircut, with or without hanging the hair over the ears. After styling, you can easily change your hair style on the go, so if you master the ear-hanging style, you will be able to expand the range of your hairstyles in an easy-to-understand way.

Ear-covering Men's Hair - Basic Knowledge 2What do you think of men's ear-length hair?

Hanging bangs and sideburns over the ears gives a basically feminine impression as a hairstyle. On the other hand, it can also create a wild atmosphere when combined with a beard style that extends from the chin to the chin. The image of actor Nobuaki Kaneko and rapper R-Yojin is probably the most obvious example of this style. What both styles have in common is a clean-cut look around the face. In some cases, wearing ear-length bangs down can give a depressing and unrefined impression, so this kind of arrangement can change the look to a more favorable one.

Tips for creating hairstyles with hair hanging over the ears

When hanging hair over the ears, the key is to give the hair a certain amount of volume so that it does not sit flat against the skin. If hair lies flat from the top to the collar, it will be quite difficult to look cool with a hairstyle that has no movement, so it is necessary to be creative in the way hair is hung, such as hanging hair softly, or letting the top part lie down but adding volume with a perm on the bottom part.

Ear-hanging men's hair: basic knowledge (3)Notes on ordering a haircut designed to be worn over the ears

An ear-hanging style refers to a style in which the bangs and sideburns are hung over the ears, so the hair must be long enough to physically reach behind the ears. Therefore, if you want to enjoy arranging ear-hanging styles in addition to your base hairstyle, you should basically order your hair to leave a certain length of bangs and sideburns. Medium and long hair are the main candidates for ear-hanging hair, but even short styles can be practiced in an ear-hanging style if the hair is left long enough in the front and back. Even if you only have a rough idea of what you want, if you tell them ” this is how I want to wear my hair over my ears,” they should be able to suggest a good shape.

Five recommended ear-curling hairstyles

Ear-cut men's hairFront-lower, ear-cut center parted hair

This feminine ear-cut style is lightly waved with a nuanced perm. The sides are cut short enough to show the ears, and the bangs are long enough to reach under the eyes, creating a low front part that goes well with the ear parting style. The nuanced perm combines with this style to create an ennui atmosphere. The long bangs are cut neatly back at the collar, creating a clean and crisp haircut. For styling, we recommend scrunching up the bangs to create the curls of the nuanced perm and using gloss wax to create a bunchy, shiny look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ ” LIPPS Gloss Move Wax

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Ear-cut men's hairEar-cut mash layered style

The mash style, which has now become one of the men’s staples since it became a men’s hair trend a few years ago, can be heavy and lack movement depending on how it is created. This hairstyle is an example of such a mash base that is layered to make it easier to create movement. The top and back are layered to make the hair stand up easily, and the bangs are set heavy. The sides are two-blocked for a clean look, and one side of the hair is worn over the ears to give a fearless profile. For styling, we recommend using a hard wax with good setting power to keep the hair in place at the top and back.

Recommended styling products for this hairstyle: ▶︎ ” HITOYONI Pure Wax

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Ear-Cutting Men's HairPermanent x Beard Wild Ear-Cutting Hair

Ear-cutting styles are relatively feminine, but depending on the beard style, perm, and hair length, wild hairstyles can also go well together. For example, in this haircut, medium-length hair is spiral permed to create a wild atmosphere that goes well with the beard that connects from the fringe to the chin. For styling, use a wax that makes the most of the perm to create a wavy texture.

Recommended styling products for this haircut&#x 25b6;︎”RETØUCH WAVE Hair Wax”

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Over the Ear Men's HairUp Bang Medium Over the Ear

This haircut arranges up-bang medium perm hair into a sleek, ear-cut shape. The combination of long hair and a perm can sometimes create too much volume and make the haircut look too drab, but if the bangs and sides are tucked behind the ears, the result is smart, fresh hair that leaves a good impression. It is also recommended that the sides be two-blocked to create a fuller look. For styling, simply wax the hair back in an all-back style, and contour it to the shape of the face.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “TANTO Air Light Wax 4

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Ear-covered men's hairEar-covered sexy short hair

Bangs are not hung over the ears, but only the sides can be casually hung over the ears to make the profile face line look sexy. The bangs are left around the eyes, creating a sexy haircut. The “ear-hangings” can be changed by adjusting the part of the head and the amount of hair, so if your hairstyle is long enough to hang over the ears, try different arrangements in front of the mirror.

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