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TATRAS launches the relaxing ” TATRAS RESORT COLLECTION “!


TATRAS launches the relaxing " TATRAS RESORT COLLECTION "!

TARATLUS, known for its sophisticated urban wear with high quality materials and beautiful silhouettes, has released the ” RESORT COLLECTION ” inspired by the mysterious “sunset” by the sea, which will go on sale from April 26 (Fri.) at TARATLUS directly-managed stores and the official EC site, The collection will be on sale at TARATLUS stores and official e-commerce site from April 26 (Fri.).

TATRAS RESORT COLLECTIONResort wear collection incorporating TATRAS original patterns and illustrations

In contrast to the urban image of TATRAS’ regular line, the “RESORT COLLECTION” is a capsule collection designed with a resort mood. RESORT COLLECTION” is a capsule collection designed with a resort atmosphere. The “RESORT COLLECTION” capsule collection is designed with a resort atmosphere in mind, and includes items with a vivid gradation of colors and originally drawn palm trees, as well as a set-up made of jacquard woven with a monogram pattern using the letter “T” of TATRAS as a motif. The collection is also featuring the “T” of TATRAS in a monogram pattern woven into a set-up.

The sunset-inspired item, a symbol of this collection, features a classic illustration of a palm tree lit up by the setting sun, printed over a monogrammed “T.” The layering of the two elements creates a look of depth, The two elements are layered to create a look with depth. Other items in the lineup include a jacquard set-up woven with the Taurus monogram pattern, an open-necked shirt set-up with a metal D-can on the breast pocket, and a polo shirt with a logo in the same color as the body. The collection, which brings comfort to everyday life by adding a sense of relaxation to the luxuriousness that is typical of Taurus, will be available in 14 men’s and 7 women’s styles.


On the occasion of the launch of the ” TATRAS RESORT COLLECTION “, TATRAS is now showing an image movie on its official YouTube channel. Please check it out as well.

All men’s items of the ” TATRAS RESORT COLLECTION ” are introduced!

Open collar shirt ” BONDIO

Check out “BONDIO.”

LINALE” shorts

Check out “LINALE.”

Open Collar Shirts ” RELIANO

Check out ” RELIANO

SEBIO” shorts

Check out ” SEBIO

Men’s T-shirts ” LOGELO

Check “logelo.”

Polo Shirts ” FAZIO

Check out ” FAZIO.

Polo Shirts “GEO

Check “GEO.”

Mock Neck “MILIO”

Check out ” MILIO

Parka “DOVINO”

Check out ” DOVINO.

NAVA” shorts

Check “NAVA.”

Bucket Hat “BRIMO”.

Check out ” BRIMO

ELASMO” bucket hat

Check out “ELASMO”.


Check out “VARISMO.”

ALMO” cap

Check out “ALMO”.

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