Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer and Clubmaster get an ultra-thick makeover! New additions to the series with challenging proportions


Ray-Ban's Wayfarer and Clubmaster get an ultra-thick makeover! New additions to the series with challenging proportions

Ray-Ban has introduced a mega collection of the brand’s signature models, ” Clubmaster ” and ” Wayfarer. They are now on sale at Ray-Ban stores nationwide, Ray-Ban retailers, and the official online store.

Ray-Ban’s classic frames are now in mega form! A new standard collection that builds a new culture

Ray-Ban has launched a new campaign, “Genuine Since,” highlighting the phrase “Genuine Since 1937” in the brand logo. The campaign is set in “Since” (from this moment) and depicts the moment you stood up for something you believe in, the moment you found your courage, and the moment you found your true self. Ray-Ban has taken advantage of the current “mega-trend” of increasing the size of everything and reworked the brand’s iconic models into ultra-thick versions. The campaign expresses “Genuine Since We Dared to Be” (the moment you decided to live authentically and authentically as you are) by combining the bravery of updating classic designs with the boldness of moving forward beyond the boundaries of tradition. The new “Mega Clubmaster” and “Mega Wayfarer” are the result of a new culture-building style.

The new “Mega Clubmaster” and “Mega Wayfarer” models are the result of Ray-Ban’s unique and challenging proportions that rearrange traditional details while retaining the appeal of the classic models.

Synonymous with intelligence, the original Clubmaster model epitomized the trendy style of the 1980s with its presence of the brow silhouette and retro atmosphere. The classic Clubmaster, with its academic look, quickly became a popular style among thinkers, visionaries, and other influential people. The Wayfarer, on the other hand, has been challenging uncharted territory since 1952 as a style that expresses the feelings of the rebellious youth generation and continues to be loved to this day. The modern “Mega” version, a bold new take on these two classic styles, retains the charm that has endeared it to generations, but has changed to meet the changing needs of the times with bold thinking and a broad perspective. With an insatiable thirst for design and a spirit of innovation, we have updated the traditional detailing by making the temples as wide as possible and the rims as thick as possible, resulting in pop and challenging proportions.

Introducing the new “Mega” versions of the Clubmaster and Wayfarer!

Here are the new “Mega” versions of Clubmaster and Wayfarer. Both are available in two types: sunglasses and optical.

Mega Clubmaster Sunglasses

The ” Mega Clubmaster Sunglasses ” are a modern redesign of the signature details of the Clubmaster. The metal front is matched with wide temples and finished with thick eyebrows and iconic dot rivets. A bold reinterpretation of the traditional silhouette, the sunglasses are available in six colors, including a bi-layer style. Lens options include monochromatic and polarized lenses. In addition, in order to maintain the Clubmaster’s symbolism while incorporating evolution, the lenses are dimmable.
Price: 25,630-38,830 yen (tax included)

Mega Clubmaster Optical

The Mega Clubmaster Optical wears an intelligent and unwavering impression. This model, with its metal front and wide temples, is a style that shines with its wide brow, dot rivets essential to Clubmaster, and attention to detail. This model with retro appeal is available in standard colors as well as less vivid blue, green, and gray.
Price: ¥24,640 (tax included)

Mega Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Mega Wayfarer line of sunglasses will be introduced for the first time in the fall of 2022, and this season will include a new model in transparent colors. The style features a thicker form and temples with signature detailing dot rivets on the front. The frame and packaging are made of recyclable biobased material. The use of a standard monochromatic color for the lenses complements the design that will never fade away.
Price: ¥25,630 (tax included)

Mega Wayfarer Optical

Since its first sunglasses model, Mega Wayfarer has continued to create its own “modernity” by combining bold frames with thick monochromatic lenses, such as ultra-thick temples. Now, a new optical model has been added to the series. In addition to the standard colors, the new model is also available in transparent bicolor with wide Havana temples.

[“Ray-Ban “Genuine Since” ] More Information

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