Ivan’s Vintage Reimagined “Dim” Now Available in Limited Edition Colors


Ivan's Vintage Reimagined "Dim" Now Available in Limited Edition Colors

Eyewan’s “Dim,” which uses vintage German eyewear as its design source, will be available in limited quantities at directly managed stores on Friday, February 23.

German vintage metal frames reconstructed in plastic

The idea of reconstructing the design of metal frames that were actually distributed in Germany in the 1970s with plastic fabric Dim” is the embodiment of the idea of reconstructing a metal frame design that was actually circulated in Germany in the 1970s using plastic fabric. The distinctive rim is made of 6mm-thick plastic fabric and cut down to 4mm, creating an edgy and sharp cut trim. The yoloi portion on both sides is left at 6mm and raised, faithfully reproducing the details of the original metal frame. The beautifully cut surfaces are handmade one by one by skilled craftsmen. This time, the model will be available in colors limited to directly-managed stores.

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EYEVAN 'Dim' colors available exclusively at directly managed stores!Two colors, red and blue, inspired by Josef Albers' abstract paintings

The two colors that will be available exclusively at EYEVAN Tokyo Gallery are red and blue. The source for this color scheme is an abstract painting by German artist Josef Albers. The primary colors of red and blue are used, but the colors are subdued in saturation, creating a calm tone and a look that evokes a sense of intelligence. The sunglasses are inspired by Josef’s art in which colors are arranged in a graphic manner, and the figurative elements of the frames are highlighted by creating contrast by combining red lenses on blue frames and blue lenses on red frames.

Click here for the official EYEVAN website.

[“Dim” color limited to EYEVAN directly-managed stores ] Details

Price: Frame 51,700 yen (tax included) / Sunglasses 56,100 yen (tax included)
Color: Blue / Red
Contact: 03-3409-1972
Sales Stors: EYEVAN Tokyo Gallery (MAP )
Instagram: @eyevan_tokyogallery

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