What shoes go with chinos? Introduction with examples of coordination


What shoes go with chinos? Introduction with examples of coordination

Chino pants are one of the most popular bottoms in men’s fashion. Since they go well with any kind of shoes, it is not uncommon to have a hard time deciding which shoes to match…isn’t it? This time, we will introduce “shoes that go with chinos,” with examples of coordinated outfits!

Shoes that go with chinos (1) “Combine ‘penny loafers’ to give an air of American style

The combination of chinos, a typical American traditional item, and penny loafers (coin loafers) is the most common combination. The combination is effective in creating a mature yet moderately casual impression. The most popular combination is beige chinos and black or brown penny loafers, and the chinos should not have a center crease to give them a washed-out look. If you want to add a twist, choose colored chinos such as khaki or navy, or add a playful touch with socks.

Recommendation of loafers to match with chinos: ” G.H.BASS Weejuns LOGAN

Logan” is the representative model of “G.H.BASS” known as the original brand of loafers. The “Logan” is a masterpiece model that is a successor to the “Weejuns,” which Michael Jackson also loved and used, and has a history of being popular in Japan in the 1980s as an essential item for American and Ivy style dressing.

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We recommend the “ALDEN 986” loafer to match with chinos.

Loafers of “Alden” are one of the standard shoes in American traditional. There are various types of loafers by last, but the most standard is the “986” that uses the Vanlast. The Van Lust, developed exclusively for loafers, is characterized by a rounded toe and a three-dimensional form achieved by cutting off the side of the toe like a wall. They can be worn with ease even with the high instep that is common among Japanese people, and the elegant look of the well-known cordovan is useful for all kinds of coordinates.

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Shoes that go with chinos: “Dare to add a bit of glamour with ‘bit loafers’ to make you look conservative!

A classic look is good, but if you want a fresh look… we recommend matching chinos with bit loafers. The metal fittings on the instep add a glamorous accent to the outfit, making it different from the American style. The design of the bit part differs depending on the brand of the shoe, so it is possible to subtly show your individuality.

Recommended bit loafers to match with chinos: “GUCCI 1953 HORSEBIT LOAFERS

Gucci” is known for introducing the world’s first bit loafer in 1953. This model is a faithful reproduction of the model from that time, a heritage model so to speak. The gold bits on the black body will surely add a luxurious presence and glamour to your outfits.

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Recommended bit loafer to match with chinos: “STEFANO GAMBA Suede Bit Moccasin

Stefano Gamba” has been active since the 1960s and is a shoe brand representing Florence, Italy. Many Italian shoes have stylish forms, but we picked up a bit loafer with a three-dimensional and moderately rugged design. The saddle part is a beefy roll type, which expresses playfulness by making them look like American shoes. It goes well with chinos, of course, but it also goes well with other bottoms, so we hope you will add it to your collection.

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