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Pink Shirt Codes! From men’s dressing tips to recommended products.


Pink Shirt Codes! From men's dressing tips to recommended products.

Among the many men’s fashion items, the shirt is probably the most popular pink item accepted as a standard by adult men. Its sweet and feminine atmosphere and its high potential to blend in with navy jackets and beige chinos, including preppy style, make it ideal for creating a fresh and seasonal look in spring and summer coordinates. In this issue, we focus on the ” pink shirt ” and introduce the key to dressing it up, men’s coordinates from overseas as a reference, and popular items from standard brands!

A pink shirt in a tone that fits mature men will add a spring/summer flair to your coordinate.

What kind of pink items come to mind when people think of pink shirts? From a vivid shocking pink to a pale pink reminiscent of a California sunset, pink varies in tone and saturation to give a different impression. Among such a wide range of pink shirts, light-toned pink shirts are accepted by adult men. Pale pink shirts blend well with the skin, make the wearer’s blood color look better, and add a gorgeous mood to a coordinated outfit. If you are thinking of trying a pink shirt, we recommend that you choose a neutral “dull” tone rather than a strong pink.

From here, we will introduce stylish snaps of people actually wearing pink shirts, as well as some points of reference for how to wear them.

Points for wearing a pink shirt (1)The first thing to master is

The pink shirt has a strong pop image, but the key to wearing it like an adult man is to keep a calm atmosphere by combining it with a cool and relaxing color. The trick is to wear it like an adult man. In particular, the black-pink coordinate is a modern, tightened combination of a pink shirt and black pants. The addition of the bittersweet image of the black pants restrains the feminine image and completes the sweet and spicy coordination for adults in just the right proportion. For footwear, simply match black leather shoes or clean white sneakers as shown in the snapshot below.

Pink shirt dressing tips (2)Pink linen shirt adds a resort touch to your summer coordinate

In the summer, when the heat is a concern, attention is increasingly focused on the resort style, which creates a sense of openness and a cool impression. The pink shirt made of linen is the perfect choice to achieve such a summer resort style. The texture is different from cotton, and the coloring is very good, which elevates the summer style. The pink shirt also offers a good vibe that you can’t get with white or navy shirts.

Pink Shirt Wearing Points (3)To add flair to a tied-up suit style, a pink shirt is a strong choice

In fact, the pink shirt has the potential to fit well with a dressy suit style with a tie. In fact, the pink shirt has the potential to fit in with a dressy suit style with a tie. Many men, from David Beckham, known as the noble son of the soccer world and supported by the fashion industry, to the stylish men who gather at Pitti Uomo, the world’s leading fashion trade fair where dress fashion buyers go, are wearing pink shirts with their suit styles. Why not consider adding a pink shirt to your V-zone as a way to freshen up your look?

Find the ideal men's coordination from our editorial snapshots

For more men's coordinationCheck out the OTOKOMAE snap page to see how to wear the 'pink shirt'!

Snaps, including the pink shirt outfits picked up this time, are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. The hashtag function allows you to check out snaps focusing on a single item at a time. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

See how to wear a pink shirt on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “pink shirts” that we recommend to our readers, based on information obtained from interviews at hot brand exhibitions and leading select stores, as well as from our fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering pink shirts (1)POLO RALPH LAUREN's Iconic Oxford Shirt

Since its introduction in the early days of the Ralph Lauren brand, the Oxford shirt has established itself as an important pillar of the Polo look The Oxford shirt has been an important pillar of the Polo look since the early days of the Ralph Lauren brand. It has Ralph Lauren’s most relaxed silhouette, with a split back yoke with box pleats for a comfortable fit and ease of movement.

Find POLO RALPH LAUREN pink shirts.

Recommended models of brands that offer pink shirts (2)MUJI Gentlemen's Washed Broad Long Sleeve Shirt

MUJI has updated the size with more room in the shoulder, body width and hem area, making it easier to move your shoulders and arms. MUJI’s washed broadcloth long-sleeved shirts. The relaxed fit is also useful for layering, as you can choose what to wear inside, and will surely enjoy a wide range of outfits.

Find MUJI pink shirts.

Recommended models of brands offering pink shirts (3)Finamore's SIMONE BALI

The SIMONE with a characteristic moderately high pedestal collar, which can be called Finamore’s standard collar type, is adopted, and the body is model BALI Dress shirt. The material is 100% linen, which is unique to the spring and summer season, and is finished with a soft texture and an uneven coloring.

Find Finamore pink shirts

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Recommendations for Brands Offering Pink Shirts Model 4Cotton Oxford Friday Shirts from Brooks Brothers

One of Brooks Brothers’ signature items, this button-down Friday shirt is made of Oxford fabric. The traditional details such as the beautifully rolled collar and gathered cuffs have been kept, but the length has been shortened to give it a vintage shirt-like damaged look that can be worn either tucked in or out for a well-balanced look.

Find the Brooks Brothers pink shirt here.

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