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A new twist for your feet. 9 recommendations for “tech slip-ons.”


A new twist for your feet. 9 recommendations for "tech slip-ons."

Although the camping boom is beginning to slow down, the popularity of styles such as “gopecore” and “tech fashion,” which incorporate functional clothing into everyday wear, is still going strong. Recently, slip-ons designed with a tech look have been attracting attention as a footwear option for such outdoor styles worn in the city. While blending in well with gear-inspired clothing, they are slowly gaining attention for their relaxed comfort and ease of putting on and taking off. In this issue, we call such shoes “tech slip-ons” and introduce a selection of models recommended by our editors!

Comfortable and innovative

sunglasses with a shape that fits your face line like Oakley’s Monster Dog, or game shirts and mountain parkas for apparel. In the past few years, the mix-and-match style of incorporating functional items into casual outfits has continued to attract attention. Tech-faced shoes are one of the most likely candidates as a footwear item for such mix-and-match coordination.

Tech-face shoes here refer to shoes with a face designed for hiking and sports. Each brand offers a wide variety of shoes with sophisticated designs that can be used from outdoor to town. Among them, the “tech slip-ons” are the perfect footwear for the relaxed, current casual style with a sports/outdoor mix style at its core. From here, we will introduce nine pairs of tech slip-ons that are carefully selected and recommended by the OTOKOMAE editorial department.

Tech Slip-on 1Fedaia by ROA

Italian footwear brand ROA was born in 2015. The finish is perfect not only for outdoor use but also for town use. The slip-ons feature an eye-catching design that contrasts the minimalist look of suede with an avant-garde heel-capped sole. This pair is recommended for those who want to combine the feel of classic cactus sandals with a tech-inspired look.

Find the Loa Slip-On.

Tech Slip-ons (2)SALOMON's Pulsar Advanced

Sneakers from French outdoor brand SALOMON are often chosen for gopecore and sports mix footwear. The lightweight and minimalist design of the SALOMON ADVANCED slip-ons, which are available only in stores, is appealing.

Find Salomon slip-ons.

Tech Slip-ons (3)SUICOKE for Pilgrim Surf Supply's BUDBUD

BEAMS recommends shoes specially ordered from the mold to suicoke. The theme of this pair is ‘sandals you want to wear at camp’ and the voluminous rounded silhouette gives them a strong presence. The straps are removable and can be worn as mules.

Find Swicok Slip-Ons.

Tech Slip-Ons ④New Balance's 2002R Protection Pack Rain Cloud

Speaking of New Balance, JUNYA WATANABE MAN’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection of “1906 The “1906R” model, which was a revamped loafer style model, is a hot topic of conversation. In the past few years, New Balance has been aggressive in proposing new models that are twinned with the popular 900s. From the “2002R” series, which is beginning to gain support as one of the new masterpieces, we picked up a pair of mule sneakers that can be worn like slip-ons. The comfort of the shoes goes without saying. The mules are different from the leather and PVC mules that many brands are offering, and they create a new sensation on the feet.

Find New Balance slip-ons.

Tech Slip-ons ⑤The North Face's Never Stop

The North Face’s slogan “NEVER STOP EXPLORING” is used in the model name. The black model of the Mule, which is named after The North Face’s slogan “NEVER STOP EXPLORING,” is finished with a mode atmosphere. The upper is made of recycled ripstop, and the sole has a thick sole for a styling effect. The front and back bottoms have a warped shape to support walking.

Find The North Face slip-ons.

Tech Slip-ons ⑥UGG(R)'s TASMAN

UGG introduces a zipper slip-on. The “TASMAN SHROUD ZIP,” a remake of the popular “TASMAN SLIPPER” model, offers a smooth, slipper-like entry. The TASMAN SHROUD ZIP is a remake of the popular TASMAN SLIPPER, and features an outsole made from recyclable sugarcane, which is also a sustainable material.

Find a pair of Ag Slip-Ons

Tech Slip-On ⑦OAO's FOUNTAIN

This model is equipped with special oil leather, YKK(R) watertight zips, and waterproof nylon that provide waterproof properties. It is equipped with a 5.8cm thick sole, ” Vibram(R) PROJECT X,” which is structured to prevent water from penetrating the sole, allowing the user to stay stress-free even in watery areas. The slip-on sneaker is also aimed at other models called ” WYND.

Find O.A.O. slip-ons.

Tech Slip-On 8MERRELL's 1TRL Moab 2

Pick up a stylish felt slip-on from MERRELL 1TRL, a hot favorite among gopecore fans. The minimalist upper and gaping Vibram MegaGrip Tread rubber outsole make a statement.

Find Merrell slip-ons.

Tech Slip-On ⑨OAKLEY FACTORY TEAM's Chop Saw Mule

Oakley has long been favored for its eyewear. Here is a slip-on developed by the brand that has been attracting a lot of attention. The rich navy suede leather upper with a blacked-out 3D Ellipse logo sewn onto a soft-touch black neoprene collar provides all-day comfort. The result is a balance of fashion and functionality.

Find Oakley slip-ons.

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