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How to choose a 3-way business bag and 7 recommended brands


How to choose a 3-way business bag and 7 recommended brands

The 3-way business bag, which can be used in three ways in one bag: “hand-held,” “shoulder,” and “backpack,” is very useful in today’s age of diversified attire. In this issue, we will introduce how to choose a 3-way business bag and select models of recommended brands.

3-way type business bag that can be used depending on the outfit and scene

A bag with 3-way specifications refers to a bag that can be used in three different styles: “hand-held,” “shoulder,” or “backpack,” depending on the outfit of the day and the occasion. Basically, most of them are in the form of briefcases, and the shoulder straps, which are used for carrying on the shoulder or on the back, can be tucked inside or removed when not in use. It is one of the most popular bags among modern business people because it allows them to choose a style that suits their TPO, such as carrying a backpack or shoulder strap on casual days or when riding a bicycle to work, and switching to a hand-held bag when visiting a client.

The following three points are important to look for when choosing a business bag.

How to choose a 3-way business bag (1)Understanding the characteristics and choosing the material

The first thing to look at when choosing a 3-way business bag is the material. Three main types of materials are often used: ” ballistic nylon,” “nylon,” and “leather,” and it is important to understand the characteristics of each to help you make your choice. First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of these three types.

Ballistic nylon

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Ballistic nylon was developed by the U.S. company DuPont as a military fabric. It is an extremely durable nylon fabric that is resistant to friction, tearing, and heat, and is also used to make bulletproof vests. Famous brands using this fabric include Tumi and Briefing (Tumi developed its original FXT ballistic nylon). The greatest advantage of this fabric is that it is durable enough not to wear out even after daily use, so that it can be used not only in the business world but also in outdoor activities. The sturdy texture tickles men’s fancy, doesn’t it? The disadvantage is that the weight of the sturdy material may be a concern. If you usually carry a lot of PCs and documents, this may be a bottleneck. However, there are slim-bodied and lightweight models available, so I think it is possible to choose such a model.

Find a 3-way bag in ballistic nylon

Ballistic nylon

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The usual smooth nylon material, as typified by PORTER’s TNAKER series, is lightweight. Since even large-capacity bags can be made light, it is recommended for those who place importance on weight when choosing a bag. Compared to ballistic nylon, while lighter, it is much less durable, so the key is to weigh the two and choose one over the other.

Find a nylon 3-way business bag


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The leather material, it must be said, adds an elegant mood. It gives a mature impression when used as a backpack, and when carried by hand, it can elevate your suit style as a classy briefcase. If you don’t dress too casually for business style, you can choose a leather …

Find a leather 3-way business bag.

How to choose a 3-way business bag (2)Match the capacity (girth thinness) to your lifestyle

The thickness of the bag varies considerably depending on its capacity, so you want to choose the type according to your usual amount of luggage. PCs can be carried in the office or at home. If you often carry not only a PC but also documents and chargers, a high-capacity type is recommended. Some brands offer large-capacity bags with expandable zippers, so if you are planning to go on a business trip for a night or two, you may want to choose such an item.

Find a 3-way business bag

How to choose a 3-way business bag (3)Look at the pocket design that influences the bag's image

The pocket design on the outside is another factor that influences the bag’s impression. For example, the BRIEFING bag in the first image has a strong casual impression with two separate pockets that give it a strong presence. On the other hand, the SAMSONITE bag in the second image has no external pockets, giving it a minimalist impression and a beautiful look even though it is made of nylon. While the pockets are a convenience, the difference in appearance makes it possible to choose the bag that best suits your taste.

Finding a 3-way business bag

Next, we introduce a 3-way business bag from a recommended brand!

3-way business bag recommended model ①

“TUMI”, a royal brand of business bags, is also a royal brand in 3-way bags. Tumi has established a royal position in 3-way bags as well. In particular, the Alpha series 3-way bag ” Expandable Organizer Laptop Brief ” using Tumi’s original material, FXT ballistic nylon, is one of the brand’s representative models. As the name suggests, the bag is expandable, with the gusset adjustable to two levels depending on the amount of luggage, a PC sleeve that can hold up to 15 inches, and an accordion-type compartment for organizing documents in detail. There are many other features that stimulate a man’s heart and make it a pleasure to store luggage and go out with this bag, so if you are interested in this bag, please check it out in detail.

Find TUMI’s 3-way business bag

3-way business bag recommended model②

The red stitch design and brand logo of “BRIEFING” is also eye-catching, just like TUMI introduced above. BRIEFING” is also a standard brand of 3-way briefcase as well as TUMI introduced above. Although it is a Japanese-planned brand, its products are made in the U.S.A. to full-scale military specifications, and are manufactured at a munitions factory in the United States. At the same time, it embodies “urban militarism” that fits in well with urban styles. BRIEFING’s standard 3-way bag is the ” NEO TRINITY LINER. It is made of ballistic nylon, which is also used in bulletproof vests for the U.S. military, and its durability is well documented. This bag, which is compact in size but also has ample storage capacity, is the brand’s No. 1 model in terms of popularity.

Find a BRIEFING 3-way bag

3WAY Business Bag Recommended Model 3PORTER 'TANKER 3WAY BRIEFCASE'

PORTER is a globally popular bag brand by Yoshida Kaban. The brand’s iconic “TANKER” series, characterized by its padded nylon material, is a popular collection with many models on long waiting lists. We introduce a 3-way bag from the TANKER series. While it has pockets on the outside, the minimalist design makes it easy to match with other items. The unique military design tickles men’s hearts and makes it a one-of-a-kind 3-way bag.

Find PORTER’s 3-way bag

3-way business bag recommended model 4PELLE MORBIDA 'Capitano'

“PELLE MORBIDA” is popular for its bag collection with high-quality materials and sophisticated designs. The 3-way business bag introduced by the brand is a smart, thin-gusset type with a capacity that can hold up to a 15-inch PC, so even though it has a thin gusset, it has enough storage capacity for everyday business use. The main material is Italian Limonta nylon, which makes the bag itself light and stress-free, even with a large amount of luggage. The exterior of the bag is made of molded leather with a jacquard weave Saffiano pattern, a material that evokes the depth and beauty of light.

Find PELLE MORBIDA’s 3-way bag

3-way business bag recommended model 5

From SAMSONITE’s Debonair series, popular for its lightweight and minimalist design, the model with modern functions, ” DEBONAIR 5″ is picked up. With a minimalist design that has no external pockets, this 3-way bag can be worn with a wide range of business styles, from formal to casual attire. The exterior is made of a delicate twill nylon twill, making it not only lightweight but also tough and water-repellent. The back of the bag has a sleeve that can be attached to the carry handle of a suitcase, making it ideal as a business trip bag.

Find the SAMSONITE 3-way bag

3-way business bag recommended model 6

MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY’s Trotter series is famous for its “Trotter Jacket. The “TROTTER BAG 4” is introduced from this series. The bag is equipped with many functions that can be used in everyday business situations, such as a variety of organizer pockets for organizing and separating personal belongings, a suitcase handle sleeve, and a side-assist handle that is convenient for raising and lowering a screen shelf, etc. The slim, one-compartment body is perfect for a smart business style. The slim, single compartment body is perfect for a smart business style.


3-way business bag recommended model 7MASTERPIECE 'Various'

Japanese bag brand MASTERPIECE combines fashion and functionality at a high level. The 3-way “Various” is a tough bag made of Toray’s ultra-strong nylon material “Armor-Fabric®”. Unlike conventional 66 nylon, this material has achieved the world’s highest level of strength by making full use of Toray’s high-viscosity polymer technology and spinning technology. The surface is coated with a durable super water-repellent finish, while the reverse side is coated with three different layers to make it lightweight and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about documents, PCs, or other important belongings getting wet on rainy days out.

Find MASTERPIECE 3-way bag

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