Five intrepid 3-way bags to use as business backpacks


Five intrepid 3-way bags to use as business backpacks

Although backpacks are recognized as business bags, those that are too casual, such as daypacks, are not suitable for business scenes. You want to choose an intrepid item that can be worn with a suit, office casual, or other beautiful styles. This time, we introduce a selection of highly versatile 3-way bags that can also be used as business backpacks!

What is a 3-way bag?

As the name suggests, a 3-way bag is a multi-purpose bag that can be used in three different ways. Generally speaking, a 3-way bag is a combination of a briefcase (hand-held), a shoulder bag, and a backpack, and can be used in different ways by attaching or detaching belts or straps. The shape itself is rectangular and based on a briefcase, but the image changes when carried vertically as a backpack. The square shape of the backpack gives it a sharp impression and makes it a bag that goes well with business style.

Find a 3-way bag

In recent years, 3-way bags have been proposed by many brands, and items sold by outdoor brands that do not specialize in bags and luggage are also often seen. However, when considering use in the business scene, we really want to rely on authentic brands with a sense of trust. Of course, items from outdoor brands such as The North Face and Gregory are also good, but we will leave that for another time. From here, we will introduce 3-way bags from specialized bag brands that are easy to use as business backpacks.

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