Joseph Cheaney’s perpetual classic! What is the appeal of the “Alfred” straight tip with inside wings?


Joseph Cheaney's perpetual classic! What is the appeal of the "Alfred" straight tip with inside wings?

JOSEPH CHEANEY” is a long-established shoe manufacturer with a long history, born in Northampton, England, which has flourished as a sacred place for leather shoes for more than a century. This time, we focus on the ALFRED straight-tip shoes, a staple of Cheaney’s formal shoes!

JOSEPH CHEANEY” – A talented British shoe brand

Joseph Cheaney and Church’s are two brands with strong ties, but it is incorrect to say that “Cheaney is a new brand created by Church’s. First of all, Cheaney is a long-established shoe manufacturer with a history comparable to that of Church’s. In 1886, Joseph Cheaney, who had worked as a factory manager at a shoe manufacturer in Northampton, England, became independent and founded “J. Cheaney, Boot& Shoemakers. Shoemakers” was the predecessor of the current Joseph Cheaney company. After World War II, the founder’s grandson, Dick Cheaney, focused on producing and exporting products to overseas markets, thus establishing a solid position as a shoe manufacturer up to the present day. In 1966, the company received one of the most prestigious awards in the United Kingdom, the Queen’s Award in the export category.

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Joseph Cheaney’s connection with Church

Later, when the founder’s sons, Aether Cheaney and Harold Cheaney, joined the company, the company changed its name to ” J. Cheaney & Sons” (Joseph Cheaney & Sons), which is also the current brand name. The company changed its name to “J. Cheaney & Sons,” which is also the brand name today. It makes no difference that the company was acquired by Church in 1966, 80 years after its founding, and became a subsidiary, but it is also true that the company has been a shoe manufacturer for over 130 years to the present day.

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In 1997, both Church’s and Prada, the parent company, were acquired by Prada, but in 2002, Jonathan Church, the main line of Church’s founding family and a former director of Church’s, and his cousin, Jonathan Church, were bought out by Prada. The company was renamed CHEANEY SHOES LIMITED and rebranded as CHEANEY SHOES LIMITED with the two men at the top. Although the company is still run by Church’s relatives, it is completely independent as ” Cheaney” and continues to produce classic products with a complete focus on British production.

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Cheaney’s leather shoes are high quality but cost-effective

The relationship between Cheyney and Church’s has been described above, but the reason why Cheyney is mistakenly thought of as “a cheaper version of Church’s” may also be due to its pricing. The main models of Cheyney dress shoes are priced between 50,000 and 80,000 yen. In contrast, the average price of Church’s main models is 90,000-120,000 yen. The straight-chip ALFRED introduced here costs about 80,000 yen, while Church’s straight-chip CONSUL is about 120,000 yen. Cheyney of course offers high quality shoes. Cheyney is a relatively cost-effective brand among British shoes.

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40% of Cheaney’s production line is OEM production for other companies

Although Cheyney is a well-known brand and distributes its products all over the world, OEM production (manufacturing products for other brands) still accounts for 40% of its production line. This also helps to maintain inexpensive pricing by spreading out the operating costs. In addition, there are many double-name and collaborative items as CHEENEY, and many special-order items have been developed in Japan by famous stores such as BEAMS, UNITED ARROWS, and NANO UNIVERSE.

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