Discover the Timeless Appeal of BABUA: A Long-Established British National Outdoor Brand


Discover the Timeless Appeal of BABUA: A Long-Established British National Outdoor Brand

Waxed jackets are one of the items that tickle men’s fancy, as they enjoy changing over time and becoming their own unique piece of clothing. When you hear the word “waxed jacket,” the first thing that comes to mind is “BABUA (Barbour),” and there are probably not a few people who think of it. BABUA is a long-established British brand that has produced a model that has become synonymous with the rider’s jacket, and is loved by celebrities and even the royal family, leaving behind numerous anecdotes. In this issue, we focus on BABUA and introduce its unknown charms and how to wear it!

What is Barbour?

BABUA was founded in 1894 by John Barbour in South Shields, northeastern England. The company was founded in 1894 by John Barbour in South Shields, northeastern England, to provide “waxed cloth,” a waterproof and windproof fabric coated with wax, for sailors, fishermen, and dockworkers who worked in the North Sea in unfavorable weather conditions. Waxed jackets are highly durable and have remained a Bubur classic from the time of the company’s founding to the present.

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BABUA is a brand loved by a wide range of people from fishermen to the British army and the British royal family

The high durability of Bubur’s waxed cloth waterproof jackets is known to have been appreciated by fishermen of the time, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Family. As evidence of this, Bubur provided waterproof clothing to the British Army in both World War I and World War II. In World War II, it was adopted by Captain George Philip as the official crew uniform for the submarine Ursula. There is an anecdote about a captain who had his men wear Bubur waterproof jackets and douse them with water using a fire hose, and despite the intense water pressure, the men’s bodies did not get wet.

The unchanged durability of the waterproof jacket has continued to make it the favorite field and country wear of the British, and it was given the honor of a Royal Warrant by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1974, Queen Elizabeth in 1982, and Prince Charles in 1987. Babboor is the rare holder of all three Royal Warrants.

Who is Mr. John Babur, the founder of BABUA?

He was born in 1849 as the second son of an old farming family in the Calloway region of southwest Scotland. As a boy, he was a typical farm boy tending sheep in the cold Scottish weather. As a young man, he left his hometown and moved to the northeast of England. He began peddling fabrics in 1870, when he was about 21 years old. After 24 years of experience, he founded a new company, ” J Barbour & Sons “, which became the current BABUR brand.

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BABUA has become a brand loved around the world with each passing history

In 1936, John’s grandson, Duncan Barbour, introduced the ” International “, a motorcycle-spec rider’s jacket. The highly functional and sophisticated International has been used by the British national trial racing team and has become a name synonymous with riders’ jackets, and has been worn by many racers on the 6 Days Trial Circuit and actor Steve McQueen, who competed in 1964. In the 1970s, the Fitzgerald’s became a popular hunting and fishing brand.

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In the 1970s, the brand became closely linked with upper-class British activities such as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding, and by adding color to the country gentleman’s attire, it established itself as one of Britain’s leading outdoor lifestyle brands. In 1980, Margaret Babur introduced the ” Bideil ” riding outfit, designed in mid-length waxed cotton fabric, which was a big hit; in 1983, she introduced the ” Beaufort ” for game hunting; in 1985, she introduced the ” Bidele ” riding outfit, designed in mid-length waxed cotton fabric, which was a big hit; in 1985, the ” Beaufort ” riding outfit, designed in mid-length waxed cotton fabric, was a big hit. Today, the brand is sold in more than 40 countries around the world and is widely loved not only for outdoor use but also by people who are particular about their own style as a fashion statement. In the same way that people think of Levi’s when they think of jeans, the image of Bubur as a waxed jacket is well established in the United Kingdom.

Bubur jackets fit a wide range of styles!

Another appeal of BABUA jackets is the wide range of items they can be worn with. At Pitti Uomo, BABUA jackets were seen in casual styles with jeans and T-shirts, as well as in dress styles with suits and jackets.

Bubur jackets go well with dress styles

A BABUA waxed jacket paired with a navy striped suit. Waxed jackets are included in the category of so-called casual wear, but due to their British origins, they are a curious outerwear item that blends in surprisingly well with dress items. The waxed cloth also has the added pleasure of changing over time as it is worn.

Add a BABUA International to a clean casual style

BABUA tends to focus on its classic Bidale and Beaufort jackets, but the “International,” a biker’s jacket that is second in popularity, is also worthy of note. The International in black will add a touch of class to a casual, clean look with a white cable knit and gray slacks.

Bubur jackets and white jeans create a clean look

A clean look is added by pairing a BABUA jacket with white slim pants. The crisp, unwaxed texture is one of the unique characteristics and charms of the BABUA jacket.
Incidentally, in addition to the waxed cloth version that is mainly sold in the fall and winter, products using non-waxed woven fabrics are also released every season in the spring and summer. If you are considering Babur for spring and summer, you should check it out.

Of course, BABUA jackets go well with jeans, which originated from workwear!

The Bubur waxed jacket was born in the U.K., starting with workwear. Jeans, also born in the U.S. as workwear. Here is a coordination that combines both of them.
The collar is up to create a three-dimensional effect around the neck and rolled up to a no-cushion length. Furthermore, there is much to be learned from this gentleman, who has created a sophisticated style without going overboard with a stiff work style by making “casual arrangements” such as opening the buttons on the lower half of the jacket to create an A-line shape.

The quilted jacket, a staple of both on- and off-duty outerwear, has a genuine Bubur feel!

The quilted jacket is a standard outerwear that fits business style. Various brands are offering quilted jackets, but the quilted jacket from BABUA is a gem with a genuine British feel. The exquisite short length of the jacket hides the hem of the jacket, so it can be worn lightly both on and off the job.

Bubur’s signature “English check pattern lining” adds an accent to a simple coordinate!

The combination of the waxed jacket, cargo pants, and work boots creates a rugged work style. The tartan plaid pattern on the lining of the waxed jacket adds a pop accent to the rugged look. Cargo pants in navy are chosen to match the inner knit sweater, creating a sense of unity and calmness.

What is the charm of Bubur’s waxed jackets?

To learn more about the specific appeal of BABUA’s waxed jackets, we focus on the details of the “Bidail” model to introduce its appeal.

Bubur’s Appeal 1: “Waxed finish for durability and luster

The waxed finish provides excellent durability and water resistance. In addition, the luster from the wax creates a texture unique to Babur, and many fans fall in love with this material and purchase these jackets. However, the waxed fabric has its own smell, and the wax adheres to other garments. When storing garments, care should be taken to prevent wax from sticking to other garments, such as by hanging garment cases over them. Also, it is good etiquette to avoid crowded places when wearing a new garment, as wax tends to adhere to new garments.

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Appeal of Bubur ② “Patch pockets with specifications suitable for waxed jackets

BABUA’s patch pockets are gusseted, making them large-capacity and functional. The gussets are designed with ventilation holes to prevent water from entering and accumulating in the pockets when it rains, taking into consideration the waterproof and windproof wax-coated fabric. This detail is one of the unique features of Babur.

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Appeal of Bubur ③ “Corduroy collar with heat-retaining effect

The collar has rivets for a hood with a throat flap (windstop). The material used is corduroy, a material that is also known as “corduroy. The moderately brushed texture is expected to keep you warm.

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Appeal of Bubur ④ “Raglan sleeves that enhance functionality

Sleeves with a diagonal transition from the collar to the bottom of the sleeve are called raglan sleeves. This detail is said to have originated when General Raglan, who was active in the Crimean War, adopted it for the purpose of easy dressing and undressing when he injured his right hand. Compared to set-in sleeves, raglan sleeves are used in many bubblers’ jackets to improve functionality, which is probably essential for hunting jackets, as it also allows for a wider range of arm movement.

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Appeal of Bubur ⑤ “House tartan check pattern

The check on the lining is the Stewart tartan check, which originated in England. It is said that the pattern was created by the family that produced the Stewart family, and there are a number of original tartan checks in the UK, just like family crests. Of course, the color scheme of the lining on BABUA jackets is the brand’s original house tartan check.

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Introduction of representative models of BABUA

Bidale SL (Bedale SL)” is a modern version of Bubur’s famous model that follows a horse riding coat.

Since its introduction in 1980, this very popular model has been gaining popularity around the world. The length is just enough to cover the jacket, making it easy to match with any outfit. The ” BEDALE SL ” is a modernized version of the brand’s bestseller. It retains the details of a riding coat, such as raglan sleeves, side vents, hand warmers, and ribbing on the cuffs, while adopting a modern fitting for a sleek and clean look. This model is a good candidate for those who are considering a babourer.

▶︎For details of Babur’s “Bedale SL

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BABUA’s Bidale is also available in a long length.

The Bidail is famous as an outerwear that can be worn over a suit, but the long-length model can be worn more smartly in business situations. The long-length model can be worn more smartly in business situations. The nylon mudguards at the front hem and the waist adjuster are key details. The size is ideal for a suit style, while maintaining a high level of versatility that can be worn with any bottoms.

▶︎Click here for details of Babur “Long Bidail SL

Babur long length standard ” Border SL 2LAYER ” made of a new material

A standard long-length model. The slim silhouette and the A-line hemline are designed to look good, and the beautiful silhouette unique to the SL model is also attractive. Unlike the long bidail with raglan sleeves, the border has set-in sleeves (regular sleeves) for a more basic look. 2-layer model allows you to enjoy the texture of the new material, which is different from Babur’s signature waxed feel.

▶︎Details of Babur “Border SL 2LAYER

BEAUFORT SL ” developed by BABUA as a hunting coat

This waxed jacket was developed for hunting. It is similar in shape to the Bidail, but the Beaufort has a “game pocket,” a large pocket for storing game obtained while hunting. The Beaufort has a simple design with many functional details such as open rivets (vents) under the arms and pockets hidden inside the winglets. The length of the jacket hides the jacket worn inside, making it useful for a wide range of coordinated outfits.

▶︎Details of Babur “Beaufort SL


Introduced in 1936, this model has become synonymous with riders’ jackets. The left breast pocket is designed diagonally for easy access to the jacket while riding a motorcycle, and the size of the pocket has been adjusted to fit the changing size of the SL model.

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Babur “SPEY JACKET(SPEY JACKET)”- Short length jacket for street wear

This jacket features a short length and a loose-fitting silhouette. Based on an archived model originally developed for fly fishing, it has unique details such as double zips, flap pockets, and D-rings on the right chest and left side abdomen. The raglan sleeves allow for easy movement, making it suitable for both town and outdoor use.

▶︎Details of Babur “SPEY JACKET

Babur “LIDDESDALE SL NYLON” quilted jacket

This quilted jacket features a square-cut hem cut at right angles. The relaxed atmosphere and slim-fitting size make this a highly popular item. The nylon material used in this model gives it a moderate sheen, and the corduroy collar is a key feature.

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How to take care of your BABUA for a long time

Maintenance will be essential in order to enjoy the changes over time. Here are some tips on how to prolong the life of your BABUA jackets through diligent care!

How to care for your Babur 1 “Brushing

Dirt and dust on the surface of the jacket should be brushed off on a regular basis, just like leather shoes, to prolong the life of the jacket. Corduroy collars, in particular, are the first area on a Bubur jacket to show dirt, so you want to treat them with care. Corduroy is also a fragile fabric, so the key is to brush it gently. If possible, it is preferable to prepare a brush specifically for Babur to prevent the wax from adhering to other clothing.

How to care for your Babur 2 “Drying to prevent mildew

In Japan, which is said to be humid, the fear of mold cannot be ignored. Especially for Bubur jackets, which have characteristics that make them impervious to rain and wind, taking care of mold is a must. To prevent mold, store the jacket in a well-ventilated place and cover it with a breathable cloth to eliminate moisture, which will both prevent mold and reduce the risk of wax adhering to other clothing.

How to care for your Bubuar 3 “Reproofing

The waxing (reproofing) process is one of the basic elements of a waxed jacket to prolong its waterproofing. It is up to the individual to decide whether to hire a contractor or do it yourself. It is up to the individual to create an original waxed jacket in a way that is satisfactory to him or her. Incidentally, it is said that once every five years is sufficient frequency of re-proofing.

What is “Reproofing” a Bubuar?

As the years go by, the wax coating will peel off and become more durable. While this is one of the factors that allow the jacket to age well, if the wax peels off too much, the jacket will no longer be protected from the wind and rain, and its strength will be weakened. In order to maintain the unique look and performance of a waxed jacket, it is necessary to periodically perform a process called “reproofing,” which involves applying a coat of waterproof wax. Special waxes are available and should be purchased in advance if you wish to take care of it yourself.

The procedure for “Reproofing” BABUA is as follows:
1: Brush & sponge gently to remove surface dirt.
2: Heat the jacket with a hair dryer.
3: Soak the special wax in a can of hot water to melt it from the outside.
4: Apply the wax fully to the jacket.
5: Use a hair dryer and a brush to blend the wax and hang dry in a well-ventilated place.
The above process is the proper care procedure.

When to ask a professional to repair or “Reproof” your Bubuar

The maintenance of waxed jackets can be requested from Lavallex. Long-time and experienced craftsmen who have received training at the BABUA head office will carefully repair and maintain each jacket one by one, including reproofing.
When requesting maintenance from Lavarex, you need to send your jacket by mail. Download the maintenance request form and agreement form from the Lavallex maintenance website and send them with the jacket. The maintenance fee is then discussed and agreed upon, and the request is completed. The procedure is the same if you bring your jacket to a store. ▶︎Click here for Lavallex’s maintenance website

BABUA stores

BABUA operates brand stores nationwide, centering on its flagship store in Shibuya. Why not pay a visit to the store, which embodies the brand’s world view with its massive brick walls and iron-framed windows? The image below is of the BABUA Ginza store.

BABUA Shibuya store
Address: 6-17-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6450-5993
Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 [irregular holidays].

BABUA Ginza Store
Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6264-5569
Hours: 11:00 – 20:30 [irregular holidays].

Address: LUCUAIRE 8F, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

TEL: 06-6151-1547
Hours: 10:00 – 21:00 [irregular holidays]

・BABUA Iwataya Tenjin Store
Address: Iwataya Hontenkan 6F, 2-5-35 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
TEL: 092-724-5209
Hours: 10:00 – 20:00 [irregular holidays]

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