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Japanese-made reproduction of Tsuu’s favorite 80s All Star!


Japanese-made reproduction of Tsuu's favorite 80s All Star!

The dark, raw-colored tape, Japanese canvas material, and stitching on the side. The “CANVAS ALL STAR J 80s” will go on sale on February 9 (Fri.).

With 'side stitching' for the tsuu's tasteA special Japanese All Star that recreates the details of the 80s

The “CANVAS ALL STAR J 80s” is a pair of archival 80s MADEINJAPAN All Star that recreates the details of the 80s archives. The dark raw-edged tape gives it a vintage look. The insole and heel label feature the words ” MADEINJAPAN.”

Editor Tachibana
The new model incorporates reinforced “side stitching” near the toe. This detail is also found on the All Star, commonly known as the “CT70” sold overseas. Although it is a simple point, many fashionable people may be particular about the presence or absence of this stitching. The low-cut version is also available at official stores only!

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Two colors are available: a classic green and a navy with a line of tape in the same color as the upper. Both colors come with cotton laces, which can be replaced for a more vintage look. The item is expected to sell out immediately, so be sure to purchase as soon as possible if you are interested!

Check out the “Canvas All Star J 80s HI!

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