Zegna and The Elder Statesman Collaborate for a Bold and Colorful Fall/Winter 2023 Collection


Zegna and The Elder Statesman Collaborate for a Bold and Colorful Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Italian luxury fashion brand ZEGNA has announced a collaborative collection with Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand The Elder Statesman for Fall/Winter 2023, which will be available from September 2011.

The collaborative collection fuses the worldviews of the two brands and recreates the traditional Zegna style.

The partnership between Zegna and the Elder Statesman, which was announced during Milan Men’s Fashion Week, has finally unveiled the look of a full-scale collection that fuses the two identities. Oasi cashmere, Zegna’s signature material, is made from only the finest raw materials in the world. This material, which represents a new role model of environmental and business consciousness, will serve as the medium for this collaboration, encouraging creative dialogue.

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Alessandro Sartori, artistic director of Zegna, commented on the collaboration as follows: “Through this dialogue, we have been able to create a new style of clothing that is both comfortable and stylish.

“Through this dialogue we can add a new layer to our world and find another new way to express Oasi cashmere. We worked in unison on this collection, combining our own designs with the Elder Statesman’s unique colors and all-encompassing stretchiness. It is truly a cross-pollination idea. This is something that actually happens to living organisms in their natural habitat at Oasis Xenia, and by translating this idea into a business and creative model, we are able to reach new audiences.”

Greg Chait, Founder and CEO of The Elder Statesman, commented, “We are proud to be recognized as one of the world’s best.

“We are honored to be working with a brand we recognize as one of the world’s finest. This partnership has its origins in two companies that value the way things are made. Our creations, which have a store in Los Angeles and bring centuries-old handcrafts back to life in the modern age, strongly resonate with Zegna’s craftsmanship. This partnership feels like coming home, and the collection we designed together after two and a half years of deep and meaningful discussions with Zegna represents the strong bond between us. Acknowledging our deep respect for quality, handcraftsmanship, and each other. We are our own Oasi, a factory in downtown Los Angeles, 6,000 miles away from Oasi Zegna in Piedmont, Italy.”

The masculine wardrobe, reset to perfection by Alessandro Sartori, is given a new look by the Elder Statesman’s mischievous sense of Californian luxury. Working with The Elder Statesman’s Creative Director, Bailey Hunter, traditional Zegna style is reinvented with vibrant colors, unconventional patterns, rich textures, and relaxed cuts. The lineup includes comfortable, wearable, and easily coordinated items that can be worn as is for different situations.

Nostalgic Southern California tan flannel-inspired plaids woven into cashmere button-down shirts, long shorts, and trousers. Fabrics reminiscent of worn corduroy are elevated to richly colored suits in lilac, bacca red, green, aurora yellow, and green & vicuna.

The look is finished with felt bucket hats and fitted baseball caps, hand formed in a century-old hat factory. and brushed cashmere slip-ons. The collaborative collection will be available at Zegna Ginza and other major Zegna stores and The Elder Statesman stores worldwide from September 2023.

To celebrate the collaboration, a partnership event will be held during Paris Fashion Week. In addition to numerous celebrities, the event was attended by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori and Greg Chait, founder and CEO of The Elder Statesman.

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