Zegna’s signature “Triple Stitch™” sneaker is now available in a sustainable model with a denim upper


Zegna's signature "Triple Stitch™" sneaker is now available in a sustainable model with a denim upper

The Triple Stitch™ sneaker from Italian men’s fashion house Zegna continues to evolve with each season. This season, the Triple Stitch™ has been updated with new colors and materials, including an innovative new sustainable model with an upper made of recycled denim.

The iconic triple-cross “anytime, anywhere, anytime” Zegna sneaker

The “Triple Stitch™,” a slip-on style featuring three crossed elastic upper sections, is Zegna’s signature sneaker. Since its launch, the Triple Stitch™ has been updated season after season by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori and has become an essential part of the brand’s modern wardrobe. The most appealing feature of the sneaker is its refined silhouette and category-defying, simple design that matches a wide range of styles. The variation of high-quality materials such as grained leather, canvas, and suede, as well as a wide range of colors, are also reasons for their popularity. The slip-on type is not only easy to wear, but also offers superior comfort with its flexible construction and lightweight rubber sole. The new denim upper, the focus of attention this season, is made of #UseTheExisting™, a recycled material based on a sustainable philosophy. In pursuit of the dream of zero waste, other parts are also made from recycled fabrics, making this an environmentally friendly pair.

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