You’ll go this far! Woolrich’s Hunting Coat “No.503”, a representative of American wear, has been completely reissued in Japan! Limited to 50 pieces worldwide!


You'll go this far! Woolrich's Hunting Coat "No.503", a representative of American wear, has been completely reissued in Japan! Limited to 50 pieces worldwide!

If you are a clothing lover who loves American classic wear, you have probably never heard of Woolrich’s “No. 503 HUNTING COAT,” which has been produced for 90 years since around 1900. Woolrich has taken this immortal masterpiece and reissued it completely in a quality that makes you think, “They’ve gone this far! Woolrich has reissued this timeless classic in such high quality that it makes you think, “They’ve gone this far! The fabric and details, as well as the buttons and tags, have been thoroughly crafted, and the masterpiece will go on sale on October 1 (Sat) in a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide.

Hunting Coat No. 503, with excellent heat retention, protection, and durability, is revived in Japan

First, let’s review the No. 503 HUNTING COAT. This model is one of the representative American products that Woolrich has repeatedly produced since around 1900 while updating details. High-quality pure wool is used, and water repellency is reinforced by a special treatment. The wool’s warmth retention and moisture wicking properties are maintained, while the surface is treated with a durable finish to keep out bushes and wind, enhancing durability. It also features the red and black hunting checks popular among hunters, as well as tailoring and strong sewing comparable to men’s suits. This reissue model faithfully reproduces the details of the No. 503 HUNTING COAT by thoroughly researching the archives.

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The No.503 is a faithful reproduction of the archive coat with fine-tuning to fit the modern style.

From here, we will introduce the features of the reissued model while unraveling information from the No. 503 HUNTING COAT archives. The exquisite workmanship that fine-tuned the fitting and specifications for ease of use in modern life, while keeping the good old details and appearance as much as possible, is the focus of our attention.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s feature 1 ” 30 oz. wool completely reissued in Bishu

This 30 oz. wool hunting check was completely reissued in Bishu, one of the world’s three major woolen textile production centers. While retaining the fullness of the yarn, the power of the shuttle loom gives it a dense, heavy-duty finish.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s Feature 2: “Size specifications that are almost faithfully reproduced from the archives

The size specifications are almost faithfully reproduced from the archives of the time, with only the sleeve length designed to be approximately 1 cm longer. The short sleeve length seen in the archives has been eliminated.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s Characteristic 3 “Thorough reproduction of lining and hand gaiter

The cotton flannel lining dyed in the original colors and the wool knit hand gaiter knitted in a tubular shape are the result of repeated prototyping.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s Characteristic 4 “Buttons are reproduced with particular attention to shape.

The buttons are reproduced based on the original shapes. The archive seems to be a possible synthetic resin Bakelite, but this work uses translucent semi-gloss polyester.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s Characteristic 5 “Dot buttons are made from a mold.

The engraved dot buttons, created from a mold, are also faithfully reproduced from the original. While modern dot buttons are generally made of aluminum, the designer has gone to great lengths to use steel in order to keep the look and feel of the period.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s Characteristic 6 “Names with hand-printed atmosphere

The woven name is a reproduction of a 1950s design in cotton rayon. The atmosphere of the period is faithfully reproduced by comparing archival tags stitch by stitch with a loupe. In order to reproduce the uneven prints seen in mass production at the time, all size names are stamped by hand.

No.503 HUNTING COAT’s Characteristic 7 “Hand warmer pockets are newly fitted with pouch cloth.

Another feature of this work is the handwarmer pockets, which are made of cotton flannel attached to the lining as a pouch cloth. Archival handwarmer pockets were simply through the front without bag cloth, but have been improved to fit modern life.

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No.503 HUNTING COAT ] Detail information

Release date: October 1 (Sat)
Price: ¥165,000 (including tax)
Sales outlets: All Woolrich stores, official online store
Inquiries: 03-6712-5026 ( Woolrich Aoyama store)

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