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Featured gray slacks & recommended items


Featured gray slacks & recommended items

Gray slacks are the cornerstone of clean styling, including jacket pants, and can be used for a wide range of occasions, both on and off the job. They come in a wide range of lightness, from charcoal, which is almost black, to gorgeous light gray, and can be used to create expressive tone-on-tone or gradation in a monotone coordinate by skillfully incorporating them. In this issue, we focus on “gray slacks” and introduce styling tips, reference men’s coordinates from overseas, and recommended items from standard brands!

Tips for wearing gray slacks (1)Pair with white sneakers for a casual look

If you are aiming for a casual look with gray slacks, pairing them with white sneakers is a good idea. In particular, a simple low-cut coat style is easy to match with any gray slacks. A basic white sneaker with a simple face that doesn’t detract from the gray slacks will work with any brand of sneakers, including Adidas and Nike. The mix of gresla and white sneakers gives a good mix and match impression to the styling.

Points on how to wear gray slacks (2)For a loose silhouette, it is correct to have a cushion at the hem with a full-length

Almost all bottoms, not only gray slacks, should be longer for a loose silhouette and shorter for a slim silhouette. The trick is to keep the length long for a loose silhouette and short for a slim silhouette. For thick slacks with a hem width of more than 20 cm, as shown in this snapshot, the current mood is to wear them with a half to one cushion length.

Points for wearing gray slacks (3)Refresh your impression with a gresla with a modest pattern assertion

Speaking of gray slacks, solid, solid-color types are the standard for versatility, but if you want to refresh your impression, consider stripes, checks, and other patterned fabrics. However, if you want to refresh your impression, stripes and checks are also a strong option. If the pattern is a fine pattern with few colors, you can be sure to look smart without losing the refined impression and elegance that is inherent in gray slacks. They are also perfect for adding a twist to casual styling or a subtle sense of fun.

Find the ideal men's coordinate in our editorial snapshots

For more men's coordination

Snaps, including the gray slacks outfit we picked up this time, are now available on the OTOKOMAE snap page. The hashtag function allows you to check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

Check out the "Gray Slacks" outfit on the OTOKOMAE snap page!

See how to wear gray slacks on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “gray slacks” that we recommend to our readers based on information obtained from exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering gray slacks (1)PT TORINO's TRAVEL

PT Torino’s standard popular “TRAVEL” is made of techno washable wool, wrinkle resistant, water repellent and has excellent stretch properties. It is made of techno washable wool, wrinkle resistant, water repellent, and stretchy. This is a no-pleats gray model with a “SUPER SLIM FIT” that offers beautiful legs and a great leg-lengthening effect, and is sure to be useful on and off the job.

Find the PT TORINO gray slacks.

Recommended models of brands offering gray slacks (2)INCOTEX's 1TS035

Incotex’s “1TS035” follows the silhouette of the historical masterpiece slacks type 31 (type 30), easy care and full function, These authentic slacks are easy-care, fully functional, and stress-free. Moderately thin and breathable, they are comfortable to wear not only in spring but also in summer without stickiness even when sweating. In addition, they are water-repellent, so they can be worn even on rainy days, making them ideal for busy business people.

Find the INCOTEX Gray Slacks.

Recommended models of brands offering gray slacks (3)GTA IL PANTALONE's HERRICK

Along with INCOTEX and PT TORINO, GTA is one of the three major Italian brands specialized in pants ( GTA’s popular standard model “HERRICK” gray slacks are exquisitely trendy. The tapered silhouette tapers down to the hem with a slightly deep crotch and pleats that give a moderate amount of room around the waist. The side adjusters allow them to be worn without a belt, making them comfortable and relaxed despite their elegant appearance.

Find GTA IL PANTALONE gray slacks.

Recommended models of brands offering gray slacks (5) GENTLEMAN PROJECTS' LIBRA MILANO

Based on Gentleman Project’s standard slacks “Libra( This dark gray model of “Libra Milano” is based on the standard slacks of the Gentleman’s Project “Libra,” which can be used for both on and off-duty purposes. The characteristic out-one pleats and drawcord specification of “Libra” are retained, and the stitching is eliminated as much as possible, and the silhouette and pocket arrangement are readjusted millimeter by millimeter to increase the degree of refinement, while maintaining the “Libra” character by tuning the fine points. The “Libra” style has been retained while “moderately updating” has been applied.

Find the GENTLEMAN PROJECTS gray slacks.

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