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Pitti Uomo Flash Report! What are the 3 men’s winter coordination trends found in the latest edition?


Pitti Uomo Flash Report! What are the 3 men's winter coordination trends found in the latest edition?

The past few years have seen the casualization of business styles and a street fashion boom. Recently, perhaps as a result of the swing back from the continued focus on rough styles, styles centered on “dress MIX” and “beautiful” are becoming the mainstream. If this is the case, we can expect to find the latest and freshest styles at the current Pitti Uomo, where all kinds of mixed styles centered on dress fashion are rapidly increasing. With such expectations in mind, we report on the latest Pitti Uomo 105!

Pitti Uomo 105 was a show where we were able to catch every kind of good coordination, and the editorial department focused on the following three items!

The “elegant American casual” style with a clean look is fresh and cool!

American casual is usually associated with a masculine, rugged image, but at Pitti Uomo 105, the fashionable people who styled American casual with an elegant mood were fresh and cool. For example, hunting jackets and chinos, a combination of items that symbolize American casual, were neatly combined with a center crease on the chinos and a no-cushion length. Other examples include matching military outerwear with jackets and NBA team sporty caps with elegant wool coats. Vintage military jackets were also seen worn with a clean look.

Looking at them, I personally felt that since everyone has their own interpretation of American casual mix, rather than copying their style, it would be fun to think of your own original coordination, just as a reference, to see if such combinations are possible. For example, I am in the mood to match wide slacks with a center crease with the MA-1, which is the main outerwear of this season. Why don’t you try combining both casual and dress items you have on hand through trial and error and invent your own American casual mix?

Orange is the color trend! The mood is to use orange as an accent color.

At Pitti 103 last winter, red-checked items such as buffalo checks stood out, but what caught our attention at Pitti 105 this time was “orange as a color accent. Although the colors are close on the color chart, orange has the character of making an outfit look more colorful, and it looks great in winter outfits where dark colors are the main color. There are various ways to incorporate it, such as with a cap, wearing clothes with an orange insert, or showing a glimpse of it with innerwear. Many styling styles looked fresh by adding orange, which is not a basic color.

In addition to the way Pitti visitors were dressed, orange items were also noticeable at the booths of the brands that were exhibiting their fall/winter 2024-25 collections. Brunello Cucinelli, for example, proposed “lobster orange,” inspired by the color of boiled lobster, as one of its key colors. Other notable colors include purple, which stands out, giving the impression of the rise of glamorous colors that have been absent from the men’s fashion trend over the past few years.

Black Dress Style”, Once Taboo in Italy, Becomes Popular

As time goes by, the range of dress styles has expanded, and the use of black in dress styles has been attracting attention in Italy since a few years before the Corona Disaster. Previously in Italy, wearing black suits and jackets for dress styles other than funerals was avoided, and the use of black items was only popular among fashionable people who were half a step ahead of the rest of the crowd. However, at Pitti Uomo 105, the percentage of people wearing black items in the dress style increased to the extent that it seems to have become commonplace.

The man in the first image is Franz, who shows off his glamorous Italian suit style at every Pitti Uomo. This time, he wore a gray suit with a black stole and black shoes, a cool monotone suit style. In the past, his gray suits were usually worn with brown shoes and a beige or light gray coat, a glamorous combination that could be described as ” this is Pitti. The fact that he was wearing a suit style that incorporated black is one of the proofs that this trend is coming.
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