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What do men with the most fashionable red coordinates have in common?


What do men with the most fashionable red coordinates have in common?

Red” is a trending color for 2023. Because of its strong presence, depending on how it is used, it may end up looking too flashy and not fashionable at all. In this issue, we will introduce the common characteristics of people who wear red stylishly, and introduce some coordinates that you may want to refer to!

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Red coordinates are based on the golden ratio of color schemes! Incorporating red as an accent color is the right thing to do!

The ” 70:25:5 rule ” is a well-known color scheme technique. It is mainly used for web design and presentation materials, but it can also be applied to color schemes for dressing. In the 70:25:5 system, 70% of the color scheme is the base color, 25% is the main color, and 5% is the accent color to accentuate the look. Stylish men who create seasonal red coordinates use red as an accent color based on this color scheme.

The more red is used, the more flamboyant the outfit becomes.

If the law is followed, styling with red as the main or base color can be a beautiful color scheme, but it is better to avoid it for street wear, as its presence may be too strong and make you look conspicuous. It is fine for parties and other occasions where you want to achieve a styling that sets you apart from others, but in other cases, try to incorporate red as an accent color.

If you want to incorporate red at 5% of the overall color scheme, the royal roadmap is to choose red for one of “cap,” “innerwear,” or “shoes. Here are some snapshots of outfits and recommended red items for reference!

Cap” expresses a fashionable red coordinate

Red caps are perfect for spicing up your outfits with an accent color. You can match it with a dark-toned outfit for a crisp contrast, or mix it with a denim style reminiscent of the color scheme of Levi’s red-tab jeans and a red cap for a stylish American casual look.

’47BRAND “Base runner CAP

We picked up a red cap from ’47BRAND, one of the standard cap brands. The classic style with its washed, shallow crown and curved brim fits all kinds of coordinates. The design features a small logo of Shohei Ohtani’s Los Angeles Angels, which is a nice touch.

Late Checkout “Logo Cap”

A red cap that fits the mood of the moment was found at a brand that is attracting attention with its chic hotel concept design! The pop logo design and the cozy texture of the fabric match a wide range of styles, from seasonal old-fashioned coordinates to casual styles.

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A 100% alpaca knit cap from the hat brand of Japanese designer Takayuki Kijima. This red knit cap with a luxurious coloring has been made possible by a special order from UNITED ARROWS.

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Express stylish red coordinates with “innerwear

If your fall/winter coordinate mainly consists of heavy outerwear such as coats and down jackets, red is a strong candidate as an innerwear option. Red knits are a trendy item this season, so be sure to check them out.


This red knit is knitted with a blend of the knit maker’s original cotton material “C Wave” and a strong stretch polyester yarn “AMOSSA” to achieve a texture full of originality and a high shape retention that will not lose its shape for more than 10 years.

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UNITED TOKYO ” Wool Milano rib mock neck

Hand-washable and prickle-free, this mock-neck knit has an easy-to-handle texture. It is perfect for a beautiful coordinate.

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Sneakers” represent a stylish red coordinate

Finally, we pick up the red sneaker coordinates, which are surprisingly wide-ranging in style, from the rock style practiced by Lil Wayne in his music videos around 2010 to Nick Wooster’s military style with red sneakers in a mix-and-match coordinate.


A quality made in Japan All Star for adults. The dark raw-red laces and sole create a cozy mood on your feet.

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Vans ” Authentic 44 Dx

The Vans Authentic is such a classic and easy-to-use model that it’s worth owning a pair. This red Authentic is a special model that has been brushed up based on the original model manufactured at the brand’s founding factory in Anaheim, California.


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