Should you wear sunglasses in winter? Men’s coordination examples and recommended items!


Should you wear sunglasses in winter? Men's coordination examples and recommended items!

Sunglasses are now indispensable not only for protecting the eyes from strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays, but also as a fashion item. Although sunglasses may give the impression of being worn in summer, they should also be actively used in winter, the opposite season, as a fashion item and as a protection against ultraviolet rays. In this issue, under the theme of “Winter Sunglasses Coordinates,” we will introduce styling tips, the latest coordinates for reference, and recommended items!

The reason why we should wear sunglasses in winter as well as in winter to protect against ultraviolet rays is because of the relationship with the angle of the sun’s rays.

It is now a common sense to wear sunglasses in winter not only as an accessory to express one’s personality, but also as an easy way to protect oneself from ultraviolet rays. ultraviolet rays. This means that the eyes are more exposed to ultraviolet rays in winter than in summer, and when the eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays, the brain is instructed to produce more melanin, which causes freckles and sun spots, and may lead to cataracts and eyestrain. It is said that sunglasses should be worn proactively even in winter as an easy way to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Here are some tips on how to dress up your winter wardrobe with sunglasses!

Points on how to coordinate sunglasses in winter (1) “In winter, light-colored lenses that can express individuality and brightness will be the decisive factor in your coordination.

In winter, when dark colors and layered clothing are the norm, it is recommended to choose light-colored lenses to express individuality and brightness. Oversized lenses are especially trendy these days, and are also good for balancing out voluminous layered styles. Even if your dark-colored winter coordination lacks flair and gives a subdued impression, a playful touch with lens colors will instantly refresh your impression.

Point 2: “Effective in creating a stoic and intellectual impression” in winter sunglasses coordination

Sunglasses are also effective in adding a sophisticated, stoic and intellectual impression to winter coordination. Because they directly affect the impression around the face with pinpoint accuracy, they are sure to change the image of the outfits without compromising the styling itself.

Point 3: “Raise the fearless and masculine impression” when wearing sunglasses in winter

Sunglasses can also be used to add an intrepid and masculine impression to winter outfits. The impression can be controlled depending on the design of the frames without making them too rugged, and they also go well with American casual, work, military and other styles. Of course, it is possible to brush up your coordination while raising the level of your masculinity without making it look too bland.

Take a look at international street snapshots of men wearing sunglasses! Find your ideal men’s winter coordination!

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To see more men's sunglasses outfits, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snap Page"!

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