Introducing men’s jeans coordinates for early fall!


Introducing men's jeans coordinates for early fall!

Jeans are a royal roadmap item for casual fashion, originating from workwear. Jeans are useful not only for casual outfits, but also for adding a touch of sophistication to a dressier look, and their unique denim look, including vintage-like fading, repairs, and hard damage, gives them a rugged and masculine look. In this issue, we focus on such “jeans” and introduce the latest men’s coordination and recommended items for your reference!

Jeans for today’s trendy men should be “not overdone” and “clean”.

The mood has been gradually shifting from street fashion to a more “clean” look. Jeans, the royal roadmap of casual fashion, should be worn in a more elegant way this season rather than in a rough and tumble manner. However, many people find it surprisingly difficult to create a stylish jeans coordinate that is not mass-produced, without losing the mature and clean look. To achieve a clean look without relying on heavily damaged or washed out items that do not look overdone, a certain amount of ingenuity is necessary. Here, we will navigate you through the key points of how to put together such a jeans coordinate stylishly!

Point 1: “Full-length baggy denim is a great option for expressing a modern look with jeans.

Many high-end brands, including Balenciaga, which leads the mode and is at the forefront of the trend, are offering full-length and flare-length baggy denim. Full-length baggy denim is a strong choice when it comes to expressing a modern look with jeans, and it is a good idea to create a silhouette with movement by adding a cushion. As shown in the image picked up here, baggy denim paired with an oversized shirt or see-through top completes a styling that is trendy and fits the late summer mood.

Dressing Point #2: “Choose a silhouette of slim jeans that is not too tight!

Sensitive men are beginning to pay attention to slim jeans as a reaction to the wide silhouette trend, and considering the recent trend of the 90s and Y2K keywords, there is a strong possibility that the slim style popular around the 2010s will be revived in the near future. It would be a good idea to try to achieve a half-step-ahead look with slim jeans. If you want to look like an “Ima”, choose slim silhouettes that are not tight-fitting.

Dressing Point 3: “Straight-leg jeans and a loose-fitting tailored jacket express an adult-faced jacket-style coordinate.

The jacket and jeans look proposed by Gucci at the 2023 AW Milano Collection has been attracting a lot of attention, and the number of fashionable people tracing the look is rapidly increasing, both for men and women. The key to the fresh look lies in the moderate oversize. A few years ago, it was common to wear a fitted jacket and slim jeans with no cushion, but this season, the right balance is to wear both the jacket and jeans in a larger size. As shown in this snapshot, straight leg jeans are worn with a cushion, and leather shoes with a chunky toe are recommended for the feet.

See the international street snapshots of jeans coordination at a glance! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

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The jeans outfits we picked up this time and other snaps are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. Using the hashtag function, you can check out all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

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Recommended Items

Lastly, OTOKOMAE editorial staff introduces the ” Jeans ” that we recommend to our readers based on the information obtained from the exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended Jeans (1) “Levi’s 501

Levi’s “501” is the origin of all jeans in this world. The USA line differs from the Japan line in that the length can be selected, allowing you to wear a silhouette that is close to your ideal fit for your legs.

Click here for details and purchase

Recommended jeans (2) “Lee AMERICAN RIDERS 101Z

Lee’s authentic denim jeans made in Japan are a modern interpretation of the riders’ jeans of yesteryear, and the “101Z,” which can be called Lee’s masterpiece, is a famous model made famous by the fact that James Dean wore it in “Rebel Without a Cause.

Click here for details and purchase.

Recommended Jeans (3) “JACOB COHEN J688

Jacob Cohen’s long-selling model ” J688 ” is stretchy, soft, and comfortable to wear. The tapered silhouette flows from the hips with a moderately deep inseam, and the back pockets are a little high and elasticated to make them a little smaller. It is recommended to wear it neatly without hemming it up to create a cushion.

Click here for details and purchase


The popular PT TORINO DENIM model ” REGGAE ” has the silhouette of the TAPERED FIT incorporated into jeans, with just the right amount of room without showing too much leg silhouette. It is a model that easily fits many Japanese body types and is a favorite of Domenico Gianfurrate, director of PT Torino, a fashionista, and famous as one of Italy’s most dapper men.

Click here for details and purchase.


Carhartt’s baggy jeans with a solid 15-ounce washed finish. The relaxed fit specification allows for a loose fit, and the silhouette tapers from the knees to the hem.

Click here for details and purchase.

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