What is the point of wearing a polo shirt with a suit? Focus on men’s coordinates for business!


What is the point of wearing a polo shirt with a suit? Focus on men's coordinates for business!

There are many ways to downplay the casual suit style, but a polo shirt as an inner layer is a great way to keep a clean and elegant impression while controlling the stiffness of the suit. The Ministry of the Environment has endorsed this style as a form of office casual or Cool Biz, and the combination of suit and polo shirt has become a standard in the business scene as well. In this issue, we focus on the “suit and polo shirt” look, and introduce how to choose a polo shirt to match your suit, tips on how to wear it, and men’s coordinates that will serve as a reference!

What are the occasions when coordinating a suit and polo shirt works?

Polo shirts are known as sportswear for polo, tennis, golf, and other sports, and they are easy to move in and have excellent functionality in terms of ventilation and moisture absorption. It can be worn inside a suit jacket or tailored jacket in place of a shirt, and the collared design makes it look good, and it has been endorsed as office casual wear under the “Super Cool Biz” concept proposed by the Ministry of the Environment in 2012. Of course, the coordination of “suit and polo shirt” is widely recognized as a semi-formal way of dressing in off-season as well, and can be used for various occasions, such as at high-class restaurants. As an item that can be used as a suit innerwear in all seasons, it is a more neat and elegant choice than a T-shirt, and more casual than a shirt.

How to choose a polo shirt that goes with a suit

How to choose a polo shirt that goes with a suit: 1) “Choose a design with a pedestal collar and a solid collar.

In general, the collar of a polo shirt has a soft finish, known overseas as a ” bacon collar,” which is quite different from the collar of a dress shirt, which is glued firmly in place. Therefore, when wearing a polo shirt with a well-tailored suit jacket or a tailored jacket, it is essential to match a polo shirt with a collar and a well-shaped design. A polo shirt without a collar will not fit well in the V-zone of the jacket and will look unbalanced with the suit. To complete a smart, adult-like coordination, a polo shirt with a collar is a prerequisite for creating a V-zone with a sense of depth.

Cruciani polo shirt

How to choose a polo shirt that goes with a suit (2) “Choose a plain item in the same or similar color as the suit or a basic color.

The best way to blend a polo shirt with a suit of different tastes without making it look awkward or uncomfortable is to use items of the same color or similar colors. By creating a sense of unity through the use of color, the gap between dress and casual wear is considerably eliminated, and the look is extremely smart. Basic colors such as plain white and chic plain black are also strong choices, as they create a sense of neatness similar to that of a white shirt. Polo shirts are just one gimmick to casualize a suit, and it is important to blend them with the suit as a supporting role to create a casual atmosphere.

How to choose a polo shirt that fits a suit (3) “Choose a polo shirt that is neither too tight nor too oversized and fits just right.

What is important in wearing a suit and polo shirt is to complete a smart and fresh look while maximizing the characteristics of both, and it is important to keep a clean look. Oversized jackets are trendy these days, but if you wear a big silhouette polo shirt as an inner layer, it will make you look bulky and ruin the silhouette of the jacket. Silhouette and size are especially important in today’s styling, so it is recommended to choose a polo shirt that fits you just right without detracting from the smart look of your suit.

Polo shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren

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Tucked in or tucked out? Points on how to wear a suit × polo shirt

When wearing a polo shirt with a suit in a business setting, it is recommended to tuck the hem in for a more mature or formal look, or tuck the hem out for a rougher, lighter look. Since it is not against manners to show the hem of a polo shirt, it is a case-by-case basis as to whether tucking in or tucking out is better. There is no rule that says which is incorrect unless there is a company regulation, but even if there is no problem with office casual or Cool Biz itself, there may be cases where casual attire is not appropriate, so in such cases it is safe to tuck the polo shirt in like a shirt with the buttons buttoned up tightly. In this case, it would be best to button up the shirt tightly and tuck it in like a shirt.

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