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Rimowa’s lightweight “Essential” suitcase is the successor to the “Salsa”! Introducing the charm and recommended models


Rimowa's lightweight "Essential" suitcase is the successor to the "Salsa"! Introducing the charm and recommended models

With its sophisticated design, RIMOWA is a popular brand synonymous with stylish suitcases. In this issue, we take an in-depth look at the world’s first lightweight suitcase made of polycarbonate, ” Essential.

The “Essential” is the successor to Rimowa’s most popular lightweight model, the “Salsa.

RIMOWA, a long-established suitcase manufacturer, was founded in Germany in 1898. The brand is loved by travelers around the world for its iconic and stylish designs that are instantly recognizable as Rimowa, as well as its superior functionality and durability. The “Essential” model we picked up this time is the successor to the “Salsa” model, which boasted the highest popularity among Rimowa’s products. It is the world’s first suitcase to use polycarbonate material, and features a lightweight yet durable design that can withstand the rigors of travel. The use of high purity polycarbonate material provides a translucent and beautiful coloring. With a wide variety of colors and sizes, you can find a fashionable and functional suitcase that fits your style.

Check out the Rimowa ” Essential

The Rimowa “Essential” series comes in three types. The features of each are explained!

In addition to the standard “Essential,” Rimowa offers three other series: “Essential Light” and “Essential Sleeve. The differences between the three series are explained based on the “Cabin,” which is popular for its moderate size!

Rimowa’s flagship series, ” Essential

Before the model change, the “Essential” series was known as “Salsa” and “Salsa Deluxe. As mentioned above, it is lightweight, durable, and sleek looking.

Check out the Rimowa ” Essential

The “TSA lock,” which facilitates luggage inspection at check-in, the “Multi-Wheel® System” for smooth directional changes, and the “Telescope Handle,” which can be adjusted to any height, all of which are found in Rimowa suitcases, support comfortable travel. Inside, the “Flex Divider” can be adjusted in height according to the amount of luggage, so there are no gaps even if the baggage is small, preventing clothes and other items from being unevenly distributed at the edges.

Check out the Rimowa ” Essentials “.

The “Essential Lite” is Rimowa’s lightest weight

Before the model change, the “Essential Lite” was known as the “Salsa Air. The Essential Lite is 30% lighter than the lightweight Essential, making it the lightest Rimowa bag in the market. While being lightweight, it is still durable, making it ideal for hard travelers who are on the move a lot. It is easy to lift to the overhead compartment for carry-on or in the bullet train, and will surely come in handy on long trips and business trips where movement increases. We recommend this series to those who want to make traveling easier! This series is recommended for those who just want to make traveling easier.

Check out the Rimowa ” Essential Light

What makes this bag different from the Essential ” Cabin” introduced earlier is its T-shaped handle that can be adjusted to three positions, and its interior is finished with a mesh binder that is zippered on both sides for better visibility. A small zippered compartment is included for additional storage space.

Check out the Rimowa “Essential Light”

Essential Sleeve” for storing laptops and documents

Recommended for those who often carry laptops and documents on overseas business trips, etc., is the ” Essential Sleeve,” a new addition to the lineup after the reincarnation of the Salsa to Essential.

Check out the Rimowa “Essential Sleeve.

The main feature of this series is a storage pocket on the front of the suitcase that can easily hold a laptop up to 16 inches in size, documents, and small items that need to be retrieved quickly. The storage pockets are water-resistant and have protective padding for added security. The interior has a height-adjustable “flex divider” as well as a net pocket with a zip closure that is excellent for storing small items.

Check out the Rimowa ” Essential Sleeve “.

Recommended Rimowa “Essential” models by purpose and size!

From here, we introduce Rimowa Essential models by purpose and size. From carry-on size to large size perfect for long stays. We hope you will find the model that best suits your style.

Day trip, 1-3 nights ] If you are planning to take a bag on board, check out the ” Cabin ” series models or the ” Compact ” models.

The “Cabin” models introduced in the above comparison of each series are popular standard models that can be carried on board most airlines, and are the perfect size for trips of one or two to three days and nights, or for weekend trips where you may have a lot of luggage to carry. In addition to the standard “Cabin,” the extensive lineup includes the “Cabin S,” which is 3 cm thinner in depth, the “Cabin U,” which is slimmer in width, and the square-shaped “Cabin Plus. The lineup also includes a slightly wider model called ” Compact,” the smallest in the Essential lineup, so you can find the model that best suits your travel style.

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Check-in M” and “Check-in L” are useful for holidays and business trips abroad.

If the “Cabin” and “Compact” are too small for your needs, check out Rimowa’s medium-sized “Check-in M” and “Check-in L” models, which are suitable for stays of up to a week. They are attractive because they have enough capacity to carry some of your favorite clothes and shoes, as well as souvenirs. The polycarbonate Essential Series suitcases are also stylish despite their large size.

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For medium to long stays, look for the ” Trunk ” and ” Trunk Plus ” suitcases, which are larger and deeper than the ” Check-in ” suitcases.

The ” Trunk ” and ” Trunk Plus ” are even deeper than the ” Check-in ” suitcases, with a depth of 41 cm, which gives you plenty of room to carry jackets and delicate fabrics that you don’t want to wrinkle. Despite its large capacity, it also has a stylish form with a slightly smartly finished width.

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You should also take full advantage of Rimowa’s warranty & service.

Rimowa also offers generous support after purchase. Previously, the warranty was 5 years from the date of purchase, but a ” Lifetime Warranty ” will apply to new suitcases purchased after July 25, 2022. This warranty covers all functional damage to the suitcase, including those incurred during transportation, and is a welcome support for free repairs. In addition, repairs can be accepted at directly managed stores around the world, so there is no need to worry in the unlikely event that damage occurs while traveling. In addition, some partner hotels offer a “Quick Repair Service,” and the company’s extensive warranty provides support that will ensure long-lasting use.

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