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About the charm of Gucci’s original horsebit loafers. Check out more than just the classic model 1953 and Jordaan!


About the charm of Gucci's original horsebit loafers. Check out more than just the classic model 1953 and Jordaan!

The Gucci horsebit loafer celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2023. They are the originators of the bit loafer, which is now one of the main genres of leather shoes. In this issue, we introduce the charm of Gucci’s bit loafers and the models currently available!

A masterpiece celebrating its 70th anniversary. Gucci’s horsebit loafer

It was about 70 years ago in 1953 that the horsebit loafer of ” Gucci,” a leading Italian luxury brand, was born. Gucci had been manufacturing bags and saddles since its founding, and in the 1950s, Aldo Gucci, the third son of founder Guccio Gucci, adopted the “horsebit,” inspired by the saddles, for its loafers. This was the birth of Gucci’s famous “horsebit loafer. In the 70’s, the elegant appearance of the loafer led to its widespread use in the American business scene, and it became the “uniform of Wall Street, In the 1970s, the shoes became so popular that they were dubbed ” Wall Street’s uniform.

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Since its birth in 1953, the Gucci horsebit loafer has undergone changes in last shape, materials, and color variations. In 2023, to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Gucci released a limited edition design of the 1953 and other classic models.

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The three main attractions of Gucci’s horsebit loafers

Gucci’s horsebit loafers have established an unshakeable position in the world of leather footwear. Here, we will explain their appeal based on the classic model ” 1953,” which has become the base for all bit loafers in the world.

Appeal of the Gucci horsebit loafer (1) “Horsebit that creates an elegant mood

The ” horsebit ” on the saddle of the upper cannot be ignored when discussing this item. The horsebit was originally inspired by the “hammi,” a metal bar used to control a horse by placing it in the horse’s mouth. Since its adoption by Gucci in 1953, many brands have imitated this motif in their bit loafers. Among them, Gucci’s horsebit loafers have a glamorous gold color, elegant luster, and formative beauty, and have an appealing appearance with an atmosphere that convinces people that “the original horsebit is still different. Combined with the smooth and resilient Italian smooth leather, it creates a superb beauty.

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The charm of Gucci Horsebit loafers (2) “Hand-stitched moccasin stitching that improves the fit of the foot.

The moccasin stitching used on the 1953 is all hand-stitched. Unlike the sewing machine stitching that matches the completed upper to the last (wooden form), and fishes in toward the middle sole, the last is fitted to the upper before molding the mocassin part, and hand stitching is applied along the last to dramatically improve the fit when the foot is put in the shoe. The silhouette is finished with a three-dimensional feel, which gives the shoes a beautiful appearance. Moccasin stitching, which is finished by the hands of skilled craftsmen, provides comfort that cannot be achieved with machine stitching and completes a beautiful silhouette that is hard to resist.

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Gucci Horsebit Loafer Attraction #3: “Classic Leather Sole with Mackay Process

The 1953 uses a classic leather sole. Compared to a rubber sole, it is more breathable and does not get stuffy even when worn for long periods of time. The leather sole is also highly flexible, so it conforms to your feet from the time they are new, and the more you wear them, the better they fit your feet, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of growing them. The leather soles are finished with a “marco-burr” (cross section) finish that accentuates the luster and adds to the luxurious feel of the shoes. Furthermore, by adopting the traditional Italian “Mackay method” of manufacturing, the upper is sewn directly to the sole, resulting in a simple structure that is lightweight and allows the sole to return to its original shape. The leather sole and the Mackay method give the shoes a classical feel and enhance comfort.

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