Teleworkers’ Healing! From the charm of Yogibo to typical beaded sofas, all in one place!


Teleworkers' Healing! From the charm of Yogibo to typical beaded sofas, all in one place!

We recommend ” Yogibo ” to those who have back pain from sitting more often in remote work or who want goods that make their living area more comfortable. Yogibo” is a beaded cushion that has been attracting attention as a “sofa that ruins people” and is gaining popularity among a wide range of people, from the young to the elderly. In this issue, we will focus on Yogibo, introducing its appeal and recommended products.

What is Yogibo?

Yogibo is a beaded sofa brand that was born in the U.S. in 2009 and became popular as soon as it landed in Japan in 2014, being featured on various TV programs as a “magic sofa” that is so comfortable you can’t move. The beaded cushion is so soft that your body sinks into it, but it can also be freely reshaped to fulfill the three roles of chair, sofa, and bed, which is another major attraction. Even today, it remains a strong favorite among men and women of all ages, and is also appreciated as a gift.

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What is the charm of Yogibo’s beaded cushion that ruins people?

Attractiveness of Yogibo (1) “The key point is the overwhelming sense of fit! The feeling of being gently wrapped is addictive.”

Yogibo’s beaded cushions are so well fitted that they are said to “ruin people. The greatest appeal of this cushion is that even if you sit on it normally or fall on your back, it fits you as if your body is instantly sucked into the beads. The secret lies in the cover made with a special weaving technique that allows it to be used as both a bed and a chair, despite its softness. The fabric has a property of becoming stiff when stretched, so it fits the moment pressure is applied to it. Therefore, no matter how you lean on it, it will not collapse and can be placed in a corner of a room when it is out of the way.

Yogibo’s Appeal 2: “The combination of cushions creates even greater comfort!

In addition to round cushions, Yogibo also offers U-shaped and I-shaped cushions that can be used as a set to enhance comfort. For example, Yogibo Max, which is large enough for an adult to lie on, can be combined with Yogibo Supports, which serve as backrests and elbow rests. Yogibo also sells trays and other products that allow users to enjoy working or reading in a comfortable position.

Yogibo’s Appeal (3) “A wide range of sizes makes it easy to find one that fits you.

Yogibo currently offers 10 different sizes, ranging from children’s sizes to sizes that can comfortably accommodate two adults. This makes it easy to choose one that fits your body shape and room size. The covers for all sizes are available in 17 different colors.

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