Special feature: no-rinse treatments! Introducing the most popular items for men!


Special feature: no-rinse treatments! Introducing the most popular items for men!

Treatments are essential to prevent damage from dryness and UV rays. In particular, we recommend the no-rinse type, which can be simply blended in, for those who find it troublesome to care for their hair. In this issue, we focus on such “no-rinse treatments” and introduce their features and recommendations!

First, let’s check the types of hair treatments that do not rinse out!

There are many types of leave-in treatments, including oil and milk types. There are many different types of leave-in treatments, such as oil and milk types, and you should check them out to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Types of leave-in treatments (1) “Oil type (hair oil)

The oil type, the most orthodox of the many types, offers a good balance that can be used for all hair types. It is characterized by excellent coating power, and is highly effective in protecting hair from heat from hair dryers and irons. They can be roughly classified into two types: ” moist” and “silky,” so those who are particular about their comfort should also check the feel of the product.

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Hair treatment type 2: “Milk type (hair milk)

After the oil type, the milk type is the second most common type on the market. Many of them contain ingredients that have repairing effects on hair, so they are recommended for those who are concerned about damage. Another appeal of this type is that it has a good balance of moisture and oil. If you don’t like sticky hair, it is better to try the milk type first.

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Hair treatment type (3) “Cream type (hair cream)

Cream-type rinse-off treatments are characterized by their rich texture, as if they contain more oil. Many cream types also contain ingredients that have a repairing effect and coat hair firmly with oil, so they are comfortable to use and fall somewhere between oil and milk types. It is easy to get a manageable and manageable feeling when used on hard or thick hair, which is often seen in men.

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Hair treatment type ④”Mist type/spray type

The mist type is a so-called spray-type no-rinse treatment. It is basically characterized by its high water content, and is highly effective in making hair feel smooth and silky. However, its effectiveness in protecting hair from heat is lower than other types, so it is recommended to use it together with the oil type. The mist type is perfect for people with frizzy hair, tangled hair, or those who do not want sticky hair.

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Hair treatment type ⑤”Gel type

The gel type with high moisturizing power is recommended for those who are concerned about stiff hair or who want to make their hair as soft as possible. In fact, there are two types of gel types, and the feel differs depending on whether the gel type is oily or has more moisture. If you want to coat your hair well and protect it from heat, choose the one with more oil, and if you want to add moisture to your hair and make it moist, choose the one with more water.

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