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Hair Oil Special! Men’s Hair Set & Hair Care Effects and Tips, and Features of Recommended Brands


Hair Oil Special! Men's Hair Set & Hair Care Effects and Tips, and Features of Recommended Brands

Just as men are attracted to women with beautiful hair, women nowadays have a strong preference for beautiful male hair. In addition, the trend of manly hairstyles with pomade, etc., that were popular until a short while ago, has been slowing down, and hairstyles with a fresh and natural look, such as Korean-style hair, are gaining in popularity. More than ever, attention is being paid to the care of the hair itself and to natural hair sets using hair oil. In this issue, we will introduce a comprehensive list of “hair oil” products, from when to use them to what hair styles look good with them, as well as recommended products.

What is hair oil?

Hair oil” refers to hair care and styling products that coat the surface of hair with oil to protect it and make it shiny and manageable. It is effective in protecting hair from heat damage caused by hair dryers, and is also used for scalp care and as a base for styling, making it highly versatile. They do not have the styling power of ordinary waxes or pomades, and their appeal is that they can be used to create a natural, no-set look. In addition, hair oil can be used to coat hair that is prone to swirling due to humidity and other factors, thereby reducing swirling.

How to choose hair oil

1. choose from the main ingredients

There are three main ingredients used in hair oil, and hair oil is broadly classified into “vegetable,” “mineral,” and “animal” types according to its main ingredients. Please pay attention to the ingredients after determining the quality and condition of your hair and the purpose of using hair oil.

Vegetable hair oil: The main ingredients are camellia oil, argan oil, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, and baobab oil. They are suitable for those who want to prevent damage and prefer a lighter texture, as they can treat hair from the inside.
Animal hair oil: Horse oil and squalane (liver oil of deep-sea sharks) are the main ingredients, which generally have a slightly heavier texture than vegetable hair oil, but they are less volatile and can cover up split ends and damaged hair caused by perms and coloring.
Mineral hair oil is made from Vaseline, andsilicone is often added. The main ingredients are those that protect the hair surface and make it shiny. The price tends to be lower, so it is recommended for cost-conscious consumers.

2) Selecting hair oil by fragrance

Compared to hair wax, many hair oils have a strong scent. Considering that hair oil is applied to the hair, which is at a short distance from the nose, and that it is used daily, it is important to choose a scent that you genuinely like. It may be similar to choosing fabric softener. If the main purpose of perfume is for hair care after bathing, you should choose a scent that you like even more, since it takes a long time from the time you put it on to the time you rinse it off. If you use perfume on a daily basis, it is also a good idea to choose a scent that is in the same family as your perfume, or to choose a type of perfume that has a subdued scent that will not fight with your perfume.

The scent of apple green & rose is attractive! Lips Hair Oil

3. choose based on the manufacturer and the main concept of the product

Hair oil developed by a men’s hair salon as a hair styling product with a light texture and light finish that many men prefer, organic hair oil that can be used not only for scalp care but also for facial exfoliation and nail care, hair oil as a no-rinse treatment specializing in repairing damaged hair, etc. Hair oil that can be used not only for scalp care but also for facial exfoliation and nail care, hair oil that can be used as a no-rinse treatment specialized for repairing damaged hair, and so on. It is recommended that you select a product based on these concepts according to your purpose.

It is also a good idea to choose a product from a long-established manufacturer with a sense of trust that has been loved for a long time, or a new brand that has been rapidly gaining popularity recently because it fits the latest hairstyling trends or has an “in-demand” scent, for example. Although it may sound naive, choosing a brand that is in vogue is actually not a bad idea.

SHIRO Sabon Hair Oil

SHIRO hair oil, a brand that is rapidly gaining popularity among trend-conscious men and women

By the way… What is the difference between hair oil and hair milk?

Incidentally, hair milk is a styling product suitable for smooth and natural hair setting, but what is the difference between hair oil and hair milk?

Hair oil coats the hair with oil, which is expected to reduce the progression of hair damage caused by friction and to protect the hair from heat damage from hair dryers and irons. In styling, it is suitable for adding shine to hair. On the other hand, depending on the hair oil selected and the amount applied, it can reduce the volume of hair, making it suitable for people with stiff hair and large hair volume. On the other hand, it is not a good fit for people whose hair is easily crushed. In addition, people with kinky or frizzy hair can expect to see a suppression effect.

Hair milk has a large amount of water in its formula, so it can largely prevent hair from drying out by replenishing moisture inside the hair. Although it contains a small amount of oil, it does not have the same effect on hair damage as hair oil. In styling, hair milk is characterized by its light and smooth finish. They are suitable for people who do not want their hair to be shiny or sticky. It is suitable for people with small hair volume or cat hair, as it prevents hair from being flattened and crushed.

How and when to use hair oil and what are its effects?

Here, we will explain how to use hair oil specifically. The efficacy of hair oil changes depending on the timing of use, so please refer to the following for hints on how to use hair oil correctly according to your purpose.

Search for hair oil

Timing and effects of using hair oil (1) “Use after towel-drying to protect hair from heat damage from the hair dryer.

What you want to do every day is to apply it before using a hair dryer. Heat damage is stronger than you might imagine, and if you use a hair dryer for a long time, the moisture in your hair tends to evaporate as well. Therefore, it is important to prevent evaporation of moisture by applying hair oil mainly to the ends of the hair, which are prone to dryness, before using a hair dryer. However, if you use a large amount of hair oil at this timing, it will be difficult to dry your hair and as a result, you will have to use a hair dryer for a long time, which will cause damage to your hair.

Timing and effects of using hair oil (2) “Use it after the hair dryer to make hair shiny and manageable.

Using hair oil on dryer-dried hair adds natural shine and manageability. Hair oil can be used alone, but it can also be used before hair wax to add shine to hairstyles that require movement, and when using a hair iron or ironing iron, applying hair oil in advance will help reduce heat damage. It can also be mixed with wax to create a semi-wet texture, so it is recommended to use it according to your own hair style.

When to use hair oil and its effect (3) “Use as scalp care before shampooing to lead to a healthy scalp.

It is recommended to regularly perform scalp care before shampooing. By massaging hair oil into the scalp and rubbing it in gently, you can lift dirt from the pores, and if done before shampooing, you can make your scalp even healthier than usual. Since scalp problems caused by sebum increase with age, men who secrete a lot of sebum in particular should give this a try.

When to use hair oil and its effects (4) “Use before going to bed for night repair of hair.

When sleeping, the body tends to lose moisture, which can easily dry out hair. Also, friction with the pillow may cause damage to your hair. Therefore, if you apply a small amount of hair oil to your hair before going to bed, you can protect your hair from friction while moisturizing it. If you want to take care of your hair, try to clean your hair before going to bed instead of shampooing it after getting up in the morning.

Four men’s hairstyles that are especially recommended to be set with hair oil

This section introduces four types of men’s hairstyles suitable for styling with hair oil. Hair oil, which gives just the right amount of shine and manageability, is ideal for creating a modern, natural look. Hair oil is also ideal for the trendy spiral permed hair and high-tone hair, and is sure to play an active role as a damage care product.

Hairstyle suited to hair oil (1) Feminine short mash with a natural look

The short mash has a natural and neutral look. The natural texture of the no-set look is the key to this haircut, so it is correct to only apply hair oil and not to overdo the haircut.

Hairstyle suitable for hair oil (2) Center parted hairstyle for a fresh look

The center parted haircut is a classic that makes the most of straight hair. The key is to blow-dry the bangs firmly and create a solid base while letting the sides flow. Use hair oil to create a healthy hair texture.

Hairstyle suitable for hair oil (3) Korean-style hair with trendy karma perm

Among Korean-style men’s hairstyles, the karma haircut is the most popular, split in two with the comma haircut. While it is good to use a hair iron to make the bangs stand up and flow outward, a karma perm is recommended in terms of reproducibility and ease of use. Since the perm creates the base of the hair, even simple styling with hair oil will look good.

Hair oil-friendly hairstyle (4): Black medium perm hair with the key to controlling sex appeal

Medium permed hair is in vogue due to the influence of King Noo’s Daiki Tsuneda, who has attracted attention not only for his artistic activities but also for his neat appearance and fashion sense. It is good to style your hair with grease or wet wax to give it a sexy look like his, but it is also good to use 1-2 pumps of hair oil to control the color and give it a natural texture. It is also great to be able to cover damage caused by perms with hair oil.

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